About TranquiliTea Party


Nearly one hundred years ago, Emily Post wrote:

' “Do come for a cup of tea”  This is Best Society’s favorite form of invitation. It is used on nearly every occasion whether there is to be music or a distinguished visitor, or whether a hostess has merely an inclination to see her friends. She writes on her personal visiting card: “Do come in on Friday for a cup of tea and hear Ellwin play, or Farrish sing, or to meet Senator West, or Lady X.” Or even more informally: “I have not seen you for so long.” ... The every-day afternoon tea table is familiar to everyone; there is not the slightest difference in its service whether in the tiny bandbox house of the newest bride, or in the drawing-room of Mrs. Worldly of Great Estates...'

 Etiquette, 1922

This lovely tradition seems to have fallen by the wayside in recent years. But as tea itself is gaining a revival, afternoon tea is also finding popularity again. As Emily Post said, "I have not seen you for a while" is even good enough reason to enjoy the afternoon with good tea, good food, and good friends. 

Your next book club meeting, a wedding or baby shower, birthday parties, Red Hat or Blue Thong clubs, garden parties, outdoors or in, spring, summer, winter, and autumn, TranquiliTea Party brings everything for a beautiful afternoon tea.

TranquiliTea Party is owned by me, Christi Forsyth. I recently graduated from Bryn Mawr College, in Philadelphia with a degree in Physics. At Bryn Mawr I worked in the dining halls preparing food, and was a member, then president, of the campus cooking/baking group, Culinary Club. I'm also an avid tea drinker and frequenter of the tea room at the Rittenhouse Hotel in Philly. I grew up in the Murray area, and now that I'm back, I can't wait to bake and share my love of afternoon tea with you!