About Trance Engine 

Trance Engine has been especially created for Psy Trance Activities. Its a long process which Involves a constant search to refine the Engine on Google, into Psy Trance specific target web sites.

This is a community search Engine, anyone can add or delete web sites . Participate

Participation is an optional feature for Trance Search Engine which allows other trusted users to contribute to the Custom Search Engine. Contributors can add sites to be included or excluded in the search engine and apply search refinements . 

Refined searches are categories in the search engine where the contributors can add specific web sites to a specific category. 

Specific Categories in Trance Engine:

*Download shops / Record Labels / CD Shops / Partys / Forums / Festival / Radio / Artists and Psychedelic Art.

Participates cannot change the name, description, or look and feel of the search engine and cannot access the code in the search engine. Anyone who volunteers has to be approved before they can start contributing.

Another way to contribute is to use the Trance search engine in your Blog, web site or myspace using a small code  

This is an open source for everyone interested in participating and using Trance Search Engine

Trance... More than a Music Style, its a way of life !