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rotating window display @ WARP:

paint, mdf, canvas, pu foam,
cardboard, electric rotating wheel, 
gemstones, James Baldwin quote

115 L x 210 H x 110 W cm


“ [...] each perpetually assumes the guise of the other, creating that dense, many-sided and shifting reality which is the world we live in and the world we make. To tell his story is to begin to liberate us from his image and it is, for the first time, to clothe this phantom with flesh and blood, to deepen, by our understanding of him and his relationship to us, our understanding of ourselves and of all men.

[...] there are whites and blacks among us who hate each other, we will not; there are those who are betrayed by greed, by guilt, by blood lust, but not we; we will set our faces against them and join hands and walk together into the dazzling future when there will be no white or black.”^1

1. Baldwin, James. Notes of a Native Son, (Massachusetts, Beacon Press, 1958), 44 - 45.