photo copyright: Art Center Hugo Voeten 




"Identity is a certain lack of coherence."
- Jimmie Durham

"Identity is a certain lack of coherence indeed, and Tramaine has understood that. The work incorporates this incoherence. There is always something that drifts, that escapes, that contours; something that evaporates and leaves the system that claims it. The very solid, massive, heavy [...] architecture [is an attempt] to locate identity as a solid and immobile monument (i.e., tower, building, statue, object). A very clear identity implies an objectification. In the works of Tramaine this tension between the solid and the misty, the dry and the wet, the heavy and the light is understood as the constant attempts and failures to fix and locate what we are."
- Vincent Geyksens

  • Migration of forms: Ancient Egypt, Greek Antiquity, Ancient Rome, Classical Revival, Washington D.C., (Thomas) Jeffersonian Architecture (Monticello), Albert Speer, Mussolini, Totalitarianism, Colonial Revival, heritage and lack of, et cetera
  • California ballon framing housing construction, stucco and sand finishing to create a monumentality for lack of history, Mc Mansions, Fastfood Nation

  • Toxic blandness, Idiocracy, Costco, Walmart, et cetera

  • Loss of scale with body, food consumption, obesity, diabetes, dialysis, food deserts, et cetera