On Wednesday, March 29, 2017, the new hospital of AZ Alma in Eeklo, Belgium
will open to the public. I have the pleasure to announce the completion of two sets
of commissioned artworks - the atrium and wachtkamers - within this healing environment, 
accomplished in cooperation with my colleague, Joke Raes.

AZ Alma - Nieuw Ziekenhuis < LINK >
Nieuw adres: 
Ringlaan 15
9900 Eeklo

On Saturday, November 19, 2016, from 6 - 9:00 o'clock p.m. / 18 - 21 hour, I have the pleasure to announce the opening of "Small Works" at Hammerfriar
My ceramic VOMs, which I made and imported from the Netherlands, 
will be on display. Please stop by.

(wet-sanded plaster V.O.M. forms
in preparation for making slip-cast molds
for earthenware ceramic V.O.M.s)

Exhibition Dates:
November 19, 2016 - January 28, 2017 

Public Reception:
Saturday, November 19, 6 - 9:00 o'clock p.m.

Hammerfriar Gallery
132 Mill Street, Suite 101
Healdsburg, California 95448
telephone: + 1 707 473 9600
hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10 - 6pm; Saturday: 10 - 5pm

Small Works
Sandy Deeks, Pamela Homes, Britta Kathmeyer, Penny Michel, Frank Miller, Jann Nunn, Tramaine de Senna and Bill Shelley.

Vague Object Motifs ‎‎‎‎(VOMs)‎‎‎‎ - ceramic - slipcast earthenware process ‎‎‎‎(NL)‎‎‎‎

On Saturday, September 10, 2016, from 6 - 9:00 o'clock p.m. / 18 - 21 hour, I am pleased to announce the opening of my solo exhibition with a new body of work 
at Hammerfriar. Please stop by:

Exhibition Dates:
September 10 - November 5 extended to November 12, 2016 

Public Reception:
Saturday, September 10, 6 - 9:00 o'clock p.m.

Hammerfriar Gallery
132 Mill Street, Suite 101
Healdsburg, California 95448
telephone: + 1 707 473 9600
hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10 - 6pm; Saturday: 10 - 5pm


If you are in Chicago's Lower West Side/ Pilsen (Plzeň) neighborhood this upcoming Friday, May 20th, from 6 - 10pm, please check out "paperworks", an exhibition organized between Antena (US) and Platform 102 (BE).  

"Paperworks" brings together the work of five young international artists sharing a common theme of reinterpretation in their practice. At some point each artists has used paper products in untraditional methods to express issues such as memory, politics and public interactions. The eclectic and minimalist installation of works organized by Platform 102 (Brussels) at Antena (Chicago) explores these issues through the mediums of video, photography, instructions and process driven practices.

Artists: Léa Belooussovitch (FR), Marc Buchy (FR), João Freitas (PT), Saori Kuno (JP), Tramaine de Senna (US)

Opening: Friday, May 20th, 2016; 6 - 10pm
Exhibition Dates: May 20 - June 17, 2016

1755 S. Laflin Street
Chicago, Illinois 60608

facebook: platform102


If you are in Antwerp for the weekend, come see "The Moving Image: HISK at Antwerp Art Weekend", Friday - Sunday, May 20 - 22, 2016

(image courtesy of: Jonathan Paepens, "As he Descended the Mountain")

"bellestelle", my collaborative short film, will start Sunday's screenings at 12:00pm.

De Studio, Maarschalk Gérardstraat 4, 2000 Antwerpen (BE)
Opening: 2016/05/20 12:00

Art Festival link

The Laborers hung between works 
by Koen van den Broek and Guy Van Bossche 

If you like, this upcoming Friday, December 4th, 2015, from 19h00 - 22h00 in Mechelen's Cultural Center, Guy Van Bossche's retrospective, Unterseeboot über Malermeister, will occur with works by:

Carla Arocha and Stéphane Schraenen, Guillaume Bijl, Wim Catrysse, Colson, Bert De Beul, Tramaine de Senna, Niels Donckers, Robin Foesters, Daan Gielis, The Letter dozers, Ria Pacquée, Eleni Paschalidis, Koen Sels Jelle Spruyt Walter Swennen, Dennis Typhoid, Anne Van Boxelaere, Koen van den Broek, Patrick Vanden Eynde, Rinus Van de Velde, Marc Vanderleenen, Pieter Vermeersch and Luc Tuymans

Opening: Friday, December 4th, 2015; 19 - 22h00
Exhibition Dates: December 5th, 2015 - February 7th, 2016
Opening hours: Thursday - Sunday, from 13h00 - 18h00

Cultuurcentrum Mechelen
Minderbroedersgang 5
2800 Mechelen
Tel.: +32 0 15 29 40 00
Fax: +32 0 15 29 40 29

Cultural Center Mechelen

It takes two to make an accident.  HISK Laureates 2015

Exhibition dates: 
November 14 - December 7, 2015
Hours of operation: 
Thursday - Monday, 12 - 6:00 o'clock p.m

Our final exhibition after two years of research at the Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten

Opening: Friday the 13th (of November 2015), 6 - 10:00 'clock p.m. +  After party in the HISK Café.

work in progress - HISK 2015 Laureate Candidates Final Show

Exhibition dates:
Friday the 13th (of November 2015), 6 - 10:00 'clock p.m. 
+ After party in the HISK Café.
Hours of operation: 
Thursday - Monday, 12 - 6:00 o'clock p.m

Grete Simkuté wrote an article for Belgium's (h)art magazine (October 22, 2015) about my solo exhibition, 
which will close on Halloween, October 31, 2015.  

From September 25 - October 29th, 2015, fellow colleagues and I will be exhibiting at the sixth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.  

Art Center Hugo Voeten - Tramaine de Senna - Solo - August 28 - October 31, 2015

Art Center Hugo Voeten proudly presents 
Tramaine de Senna's solo exhibition 
(on display from August 28th – October 31th 2015)

The Californian artist, Tramaine de Senna, is interested in the migration of forms in relation to material culture and political economies.  Through a staging of her work as artifacts, de Senna cues a visual cinematic memory in relation to the viewer under which histories manifest.  Next to older works, the emphasis of this exhibition will be on her most recent creations.

Tramaine de Senna (°1981, San Francisco, California) is currently based in Ghent where she is following an artist in residency at the HISK (Higher Institute of Fine Arts).

Curator: Lisa van Gerven

Thursday, August 27, 2015
20:00 - 23:00

August 28 - October, 2015

Vennen 23
2200 Herentals, Belgium
Phone +32 (0) 475 55 51 25


Tramaine de Senna and Laure Cottin Stefanelli are happy to invite you to a dinner followed by an artist talk in Céline Germès' studio
on Wednesday, July 1st, starting from 20h00 

SPINNEREI HALLE 14 / Ground floor
Spinnereistrasse 7
04279 Leipzig-Plagwitz, Sachsen, Germany

As part of a one-month exchange between the H.I.S.K. (Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Advanced Studies & Practice-based Research in Visual Arts; Ghent, Belgium) and the Spinnerei (Leipzig, Germany), two artistsLaure Cottin Stefanelli (FR) and Tramaine de Senna (US), will introduce their work. 

For the month of June, I will be on an artist exchange at the Spinnerei in Leipzig, Germany

Radio interview with a Ghent (BE) radio station for HISK Open Studios: << LINK >>

IF YOU WISH... come see my new works at the HISK OPEN STUDIOS 2015

Vrijdag / Friday 29 May 2015 — 14:00 > 20:00
Zaterdag / Saturday 30 May 2015 — 14:00 > 20:00
Zondag / Sunday 31 May 2015 — 14:00 > 20:00
Maandag / Monday 01 June 2015 — 14:00 > 20:00

Elke dag videoscreening + interviews met de kunstenaars in hun studio door Vincent Geyskens en Oscar van den Boogaard. Voor meer informatie, zie
Every day videoscreening + interviews with the artists in their studio by Vincent Geyskens and Oscar van den Boogaard. For detailed information, see

Loukia Alavanou GR, Leyla Aydoslu DE, Flurin Bisig CH, Laure Cottin Stefanelli FR, Raffaella Crispino IT, Tramaine de Senna US, Lydia Debeer BE, Indrikis Gelzis LV, Minja Gu KR, Alejandra Hernández CO, Lien Hüwels BE, Jóhanna Kristbjörg Sigurðardóttir IS, Marie-Fleur Lefebvre FR, Ella Littwitz IL/DE, Almudena Lobera ES, Oleg Matrokhin RU, Pedro Moraes BR, Joke Raes BE, Jura Shust BY, Diana Tamane LV, Anne Van Boxelaere BE, Emmanuel Van der Auwera BE, Egon Van Herreweghe BE, Klaas Vanhee BE, Benjamin Verhoeven BE, Wieske Wester NL

Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten
Higher Institute for Fine Arts
Charles de Kerchovelaan 187a
9000 Ghent, Belgium
Phone +32 9 269 67 60


Starting Friday, May 22nd @ 7pm, and throughout that weekend, I am pleased to announce Cruz & Gomez's "The Fallibility of Formulation"; a group exhibition located in Genk, Belgium. Ten artists, including me, will present work.  15 maps of 10 limited edition prints, made by each artist uniquely for this show, will be for sale.  

(below: initial design for limited edition poster 
to be sold during the weekend exhibition)

Cruz & Gomez "Fallibility of Formulation"

Check out my new work, the Candy Colored Clown, at the HISKCafé, located in the mezzanine of Hall 3, during Art Brussels this year if you are in town.  

Opening hours
- Friday 24 April - Preview (11am-5pm) & Vernissage (5pm-10pm) by invitation only
- Saturday 25 - Monday 27 April, from 11am - 7pm
- Monday 27 April, from 11am - 8pm
- Thursday 23 April - Gallery Night (in the city), from 6 to 9 pm

Brussels Expo (Heysel)
Halls 1 & 3
Place de Belgique, 1
BE-1020 Brussels

On behalf of HISK's publishing of "The Institute" - 20 years and 230 artists, Belgium's VRT Nieuws (Channel 2) aired two interviews pertaining to the HISK: one with our Director, Oscar van den Boogaard; and another with three (of twenty-six) artists currently attending the HISK.