China Train Travel Guide - Train System of China

China has paid great attention to the development of the railway, and they've made vital accomplishment on building the railway network. Since China has over 1.3 billion folks, traveling always becomes a massive headache once most of the people travel that is why trains area unit thus vital in China.

Now most china cities will be reached by trains, no matter it's fast train or slow one, no matter it's direct trains to big cities or trains running between 2 tiny near  cities. Traveling by rail is convenient and cheap.

China trains are divided into four completely different types: the range with no English letter means that slow trains. T/K ones represent fast trains, Z trains for direct line between two cities whereas D trains for China Railway High-speed (CRH), the fastest train in China.

For a typical train in China, there are chiefly three sort tickets: seat, sleeper and luxurious cabin. Seat has two sort soft seat and arduous seat. Sleeper has hard sleeper and soft sleeper too, and hard ones area unit cheaper than soft ones.

If you want to travel from one massive town to a different town by railway, you can value more highly to take categorical train that is termed D train, ticket range started with letter D. It is the fastest and most comfy sort in China.Top 10 Fastest Train in the World - with just range and no English letter is slow train that continually stops at tiny town and city stations. T or Z trains are conjointly quick trains and prompt to require for travelers.

China train price tickets are obtainable at railway stations and train ticket agents which might be found at completely different corners of a town. Travelers are allowed to get the tickets 5-20 days before its departure, and completely different ones has different advance booking amount. The Z and D trains allow travelers to book tickets twenty days ahead.

When you travel in China and wish to go railway, remember to avoid the travel peak season become if you travel throughout the height days, you will have nice problem shopping for the tickets. For example, national holidays, such as China national day, the new year(spring festival) and May day etc.