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Waredaca, Laytonsville, Maryland, USA 

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A huge thank you to each and every sponsor, competitor and their family and friends, seminar speakers and trainers, supporters, volunteers for every day and those that worked both ahead of time and afterwards, and the staff and owners of Waredaca who made this all possible. Without your hard work, contributions large and small, and incredible love for the sport, the classic format would not continue to exist. Thank you seems not really big enough for the entire production but it is heartily meant!

2008 PLATINUM Sponsors:

Rebecca Farms   Olde Hope Farms

COSEQUIN, Stackhouse Saddles, Nunn Finer, Maui Jim Sunglasses, SmartPak, Lingfield Farm, WaterWork, Inc.,, Custom-Tack, Equine Marketer, Foxden Equine, Saddlery Liquidators, Finish Line, Omega Horseshine, EMO Agency, Great American, Cowboy Magic, Everything Equestrian, Ltd., Easy Care, makers of Easy Boot, VTO Saddlery, Toklat,, Wingreen, Phillip Dutton Clinic, Leighton Farm, Fox Crossing Farm, Round The Bend Farm, Plantation Field Horse Trials, Virginia Horse Trials, Bonnie Mosser, Sharon White. Flora Lea Farm, Dover Saddlery-Crofton, Farnam


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The Training Level Three Day Event is an educational hybrid competition; it is officially recognized by the United States Eventing Association as an educational activity. Riders compete in an actual "classic" three day event, with roads and tracks and steeplechase, a "10-minute box" as well as cross country, in addition to dressage and stadium jumping. Formal horse inspections also take place on the first day and on the last day. What makes it fun is the wonderful educational opportunities for both riders and volunteers. Some of eventing's most famous riders, trainers and educators drop in to show us how to do it right. Adding to the comraderie, special stabling puts all competitors together throughout the week. Add in great prizes and sponsorship from some of the equestrian worlds' best products, and you have:

The Ride of Your Life! 

An official educational activity of the USEA

Sponsored by Area II Adult Riders

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