Trail-Blazer AN1

Multi-use forestry tool.
The Trail-Blazer AN1 is the perfect ground engaging hand tool for building and maintaining trails. It also is well suited for the forestry and fire industries. It is designed to be tough and combine multiple tools into one compact balanced heavy duty tool. A select group of trail builders in the Pacific Northwest had input on the design and durability of this tool and spent almost a year developing and testing to make sure we had the absolute best possible design.
Length = 52.5 inches
Width = 12" x 6" (tool head dimensions)
Weight = 6 lbs
Handle = 1.25"x 52" ( .125” wall) Fiber Reinforced Polymer orange
Tool Head = Laser cut,  heat treated ,and tempered steel.
Coating = Powder coated
Hardware = Stainless steel
Assembly =  Stich welded for trueness and stress relief
Edge = Beveled edge 60 deg on 3 sides 
- Raking
- Digging
- Dozing
- Scraping/Grading
- Root Busting
- Prying
- Tamping/Compacting
- Brush Busting
- Berm Shaping
- Trenching
- Shelving
- And whatever else you can imagine while playing in the dirt!
Here is some video of the trails we have built with the AN1 and a Hand Saw

YouTube Video