Contest Rules and Cache Locations

  1. Get your Trails to Treasure passport
    The Trails to Treasure passport is the means for documenting your cache finds. If you're participating as a family, each participant can have his or her own passport.
    Don't lose this passport - It's your proof of finding each cache and must be shown to claim a grand prize!
    You can get a passport multiple ways:
    - Pick up a Passport at the first cache you visit
    - Pick up a Passport from the front desk at Olmsted County Public Health
    - Print a copy from this
    Cache Passport Link 
  2. Locate the contest caches
    Use the information in the table below to find one or more of the following eight caches located throughout Olmsted County.

    Cache Name

    Map Link



     Bear Creek Trail

     Bear Creek

    N 43° 59.931
    W 092° 26.445

    Bike to the cache or park at McQuillian and walk.
    Large tree with 6 trees joined together near the base.

     Cascade Lake

     Cascade Lake 

    N 44° 01.586 W 092° 30.511 

    South side of the trail just to the
    west of the fishermen's trail

     Douglas Trail

     Douglas Trail

    N 44° 11.662
    W 092° 38.000

    Park at the high school because the bridge is out.
    Fhe cache is off the trail 10 feet, behind a tree on

    the right side of the trail (as you head towards Rochester)
     with a hole at about 4 feet.  

     Great River Ridge Trail 
    Great River Ridge
    N 44° 02.986
    W 092° 15.965

    Two miles from the trail head in Eyota,
    just off the trail/horse trail on the east. base of tree

     Kutzky Park
    Kutzky Park
    N 44° 01.564
    W 092° 28.912
    Parking lot is behind the tennis club,
    short walk to the cache at the base of a tree on the creek

     Oxbow Park Trail


    Oxbow Park

    N 44° 04.635
    W 092° 38.760

    Very tough to find without a GPS, up a medium grade hill
    stay on the trail till 80ft from cache, then follow a
    deer trail. Base of tree. 

     Stewartville Trail



    N 43° 51.484
    W 092° 28.696

    A nice bike ride from the school, be respectful of
    private property on the way to the cache,
    15 ft off the trail

     Quarry Hill Trail

    Quarry Hill

    N 44° 01.675
    W 092° 25.795

    Park in the Nature Center Lot, a short walk. 
  3. Document each cache you find
    Each of the eight caches will be stocked with a supply of unique stickers. Place the sticker that corresponds with that cache on the appropriate spot on the passport. The more caches you find, the better your chances are to win a prize!  You will be entered into the grand prize drawing for each unique sticker on your passport.
  4. If you like, also sign the logbook in the cache. members can also log their find there. (It's free, but not required for this contest.)

  5. Contest closed Saturday, October 15, 2011, 11:59 pm CDT. No further entries accepted.

Grand Prize Winners: If your name is drawn, you will be notified by Monday, October 24, 2011.

Eligibility: The Trails to Treasure Contest is open to anyone, any age, with a few exceptions: Olmsted County Public Health Services employees who participated in developing the contest are not eligible to win a grand prize. Likewise, other municipal, county or contracted employees who developed the contest are not eligible.

Ethical Geocaching: Geocachers who damage, vandalize or move caches, or otherwise treat any cache in an unsportsmanlike manner will be disqualified.

Right to Change Rules: The OCPHS and the organizers of this event reserve the right to change the rules at any time.