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 postponement of the You Yangs event Brett Decided at the last minute to head over to Adelaide to compete in the 24hr race, here is his brief report,

it was a last minute decision really, with the You Yangs due the following week I didn't think it would be fair to head off with much to organise, but the door opened so I entered
I booked flights for Tom and I with a plan to arrive the morning of the race and leave straight after. I haven't trained much and were not really prepared, but figured it would be a test to see where I am at.
A 2.2km loop stood before us, just a small group of around 20 runners, clear blue skies very cool air no breeze, I had my new Drymax Cold Weather model socks and trails shoes and was ready to go.
Count down and we were away, I flew out of the blocks and lead the field for 50M, just for fun, I'm a realist and know I belong at the other end :-).
Setting a nice steady 5:45 - 6:00 minute pace all was going well, though I was feeling the odd tingle in my toes, kept on running though, an hour in it was becoming annoying so I took of the shoe to check the toe nail
as I thought it was digging in, made a little adjustment and off again. Tom was looking after my drinks while I grabbed food from our make shift aid table, the car boot!
Another hour in and my toes were now getting more tender then they should be so I stopped and removed shoes and socks, much to my horror, in the space of two hours I have manufactured two rather large blisters, between and on top of my toes.
I then realised the space in the front of my shoes were not accomodating the extra thickness of the cold weather socks and the toes were being squeesed together.
A change was in order, I put on my Drymax thin trail socks and road running shoes, instant relief, so I was now able to circulate with a lot less pain.
The hours ticked by, first goal was the Marathon, which I managed in just under 5 hours, next the 50km split and ticked it off in 5:59, so far so good.
The dream goal was 100km in 12 hrs, but you need to train to achieve that and I knew it wasn't an option, 14hrs would have been nice for the 100, but at the halfway mark of 12hrs I had to settle for 90km, which under the circumstances I was very happy with.
With the cooler air having kicked in a little earlier the thermal tights went on and with it came the onset of some chaffing, more likely due to the fatter inner thighs then anything else :-( 
Keeping the sportshield up certainly helped and prolonged the real onset but none the less the chaffing hit hard and really slowed progress, Tom had been giving my lower back and ITB some massage which really helped, but know he was curled up asleep.
As the layers piled on due to the cold and the pace slowing and pain spreading to various parts each lap was becoming tougher and tougher, on top of that and most unusual for me I was really struggling with tiredness.
I decided a 20 minute nap might be the answer, so sat in the car set the alarm and dosed for a few minutes then got back out to it. Pace picked up a bit but not hugely, so it was a real grind as I ticked over the laps.
It became a real battle of mental will and pain barrier in the early hours of the morning, I have always considered my mental toughness my best strength, but the sleep depravation was really effecting me now.
So it was back to the car for a nap, this time I set the alarm for 45 minutes, figuring it would be getting close to sunrise and the new day would bring new life, I dosed in and out, checking the clock regularly.
Then I heard a noise and realised it was rain, Tom had slept under a tree in his sleeping bag so I got up to bring him in the car, then hopped back in myself. 
Watching the rain fall on the window and wet cold runners shuffle past I found it really hard to get out, but eventually I did. I put on the wet weather gear and headed off very slowly. Now my goal became a total of 120km
All I had to do was keep moving albeit very slowly. The rain persisted, but a few local supporters came out and jogged the odd lap with various people and what was otherwise a pretty dull period things were brightening up a little.
With Seal and Paul back after their run in the 6hr yesterday some new words of encouragement got me moving a bit faster, the body started to warm up so the layers came off, all of a sudden I felt lighter and faster,
The pain was present, but then spotted a tub of vaseline on the table and duly took a handful for the chaffing, this helped a little. The legs were actually fairly fresh as the pace had been so slow for the past several hours.
Now in the last hour and the rain easing I tried to ramp it up, all of a sudden I was producing 4:45 pace Km around 10 minute laps, faster then any others all through the race, as each one past I ran harder and much to my surprise got to a total of 128+km.
All I can wonder now is, what if? What if I had made a better choice of socks and shoes, what if I had managed the chaffing better, maybe that 100mile 24hr is not to far away...

Friday July 15th


I am very pleased and excited to announce the You Yangs Trail Running Festival  Has a NEW DATE
A massive Thank You  to Parks Victoria who have been working closely with Trails+ to ensure the 2011 event goes ahead.
The NEW DATE is September 18th, a big positive is that it will be a bit lighter in the morning and the days a little longer, 
Helping those in the 80km event finish in daylight, not to mention it will be a little warmer.
More updates will be coming soon, for those who didn't get to enter before the online entries were closed due to the postponement,
You can now click this LINK to enter

Friday July 8th

It is with much disappointment that I advise the event date has been postpone

Due to circumstances beyond our control the You Yangs Trail Series has been Postponed.

As you know, the You Yangs Regional Park has been closed to protect public safety for several months, after major flooding severely damaged trails and infrastructure.

Massive run off and erosion caused a number of safety hazards, including exposed asbestos culverts at more than 90 sites throughout the park.

Since then Parks Victoria have undertaken significant reconstruction works to return the You Yangs to a safe and functional standard.

During this period Trails+ has been in constant communication with Parks Victoria, and rangers were confident the You Yangs would be opened in time for the event to go ahead.

Although Parks Victoria has worked with a range of contractors to open the park as soon as possible, the recent discovery of more asbestos material and ongoing road works means the park won’t re-open in time for the race.

In the interests of public safety, the park is now expected to re-open in stages from the second week of August.

Despite all good intentions and much hard work by Trails+, Parks Victoria is disappointed it cannot grant permission for the race on the scheduled date due to the ongoing park closure, and apologises for the inconvenience.

We at Trails+ apologise for the inevitable disappointment and inconvenience caused by the cancellation of the race series.

We are working closely with Parks Victoria to look at possible solutions and it is likely we will re-schedule the event. With only two week to go until the scheduled date, it will be difficult to organise a different venue.

At this stage we are looking at alternative dates around mid-September as a more attainable option, and will keep you updated as we work toward the best outcome for all.

Two alternative dates we are working on are August 28th and September 18th, we fully understand that these dates will not suit everyone, however both Trails+ and Parks Victoria are very keen to see the event staged in 2011 for the runners who are able to participate.

For those of you who know me well, you will understand my disappointment. My passion for running and working hard to put on events remains strong and I will continue to work hard to create a memorable experiences for you all, I look forward to witnessing the looks on everyone’s face as they cross the finish line. I do hope this will still be the case in 2011 as we work to find an alternative date for the event.

Your safety is and has always been our number one priority at Trails+, I thank you for your understanding and support and trust you will join with me in thanking the Parks Victoria Team at the You Yangs for the great work they have done and continue to do so that we can once again enjoy the experience of running in the You Yangs.

Friday July 1st

Working Bee
A small group of dedicated runners will be out clearing trails and doing some general tidy up of the tracks that have been unused for so long due to the park closure. 
Thanks to Mark the You Yangs ranger for the opportunity to check out the condition of the trails and the opportunity to help with some minor works on them

The Tan Ultra has been open for entry and the limited spaces are filling, if your keen to be involved in the Tan Ultra
Click this LINK to access the Website and Entry Information

The You Yangs Event is on in 2011, after some doubt as to wether the course would be open, Parks  have worked extremely hard 
to ensure the You Yangs Trail Running Festival goes ahead and to get the Park open for the public to once again enjoy.
A huge thank you to Mark Whyte and the Team at the You Yangs for all their HArd Work repairing the trails.
There are still spaces available in all events, though entries will close soon, to register for the event click this LINK

Sunday June 5th
The inaugural running of the Macedon Trail Runs were held on Sunday with the threat of wet, cold and windy conditions.
Thankfully the rain stayed away, though it was extremely cold, the event went off without a glitch, more to come...

Sunday May 15th
After 3 years of not competing in an ultra trail event Brett Made a Comeback at the NorthFace100 in the Blue Mountains.
With a First Goal of to just finish with no injury related pain and second goal of finishing in under 20hrs we are pleased 
to report Brett completed the 100km event in 19:55min and collected the coveted Bronze Buckle - injury FREE - :-)

Tuesdays April 26th
Things are progressing well for the Macedon Trail Run, thanks to the great support from Parks Victoria and our event supporters.
A small group will be setting out on the trails this coming weekend, if you would like to join in please contact Brett on 0418557052
Over the course of the Weekend we plan to cover the 50Km in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with plenty of rest breaks. It may turn
out that we cover the first 30Km on the Saturday and the last 20Km on the Sunday, depending on Weather etc.

The You Yangs continues to under go repairs and we are hopeful that they will be complete in time for this years event currently locked in for July 24th.
Thanks to the fantastic work of Parks Victoria as they work tirelessly with external contractors to repair and replace damaged infrastructure, caused by flooding.

The Tan Ultra is in early stages of preparation and I will keep you updated as I work with the MCC to get the event up and running.

For me, personally I am hoping to have a gentle crack at TNF100, not expecting miracles but a sub 20hr finish would be a good result in my 2011 comeback goals