About The Trails

About The Trails of Denton County

Welcome to "The Trails of Denton County" an Elm Fork Chapter - Texas Master Naturalist project. The objective of the project is to develop and publish information about the estimated 120 plus public recreational areas, parks, and nature preserves in Denton County and nearby areas. We are continuing to develop interactive trail maps/ guides that can be accessed by anyone with Internet access anywhere in the world! 

We have developed self-guided tours for the iPhone,  iPad 3G, and Android smartphones.  These GPS enabled self-guided trail tours are available on EveryTrail.com at no cost. 

Smartphone Guides   

Have you heard of Augmented Reality? 
This is the latest smartphone technology we are using to help educate everyone about nature in Texas.  The Texas Our Heritage Tour includes Augmented Reality (AR) enhanced displays with over 400 videos that will display when you point your smartphone's camera at our special signs.  We use the free app Aurasma Lite to enhance the educational experience.  This display is at Heritage Elementary School in Highland Village, Texas.  It is the first school in the US to have a permanent display about nature using Augmented Reality!  Kids and adults love seeing pictures come alive on their iPhone or iPad2.

It is hoped that other organizations will also see the value and will join in our effort to discover, explore, educate, and protect nature.


Lake Lewisville Educational Learning Area

Pictures from LLELA in Lewisville Texas


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Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

Pictures from Clear Creek in Denton Texas