Trafton Drew

Assistant Professor

University of Utah, Department of Psychology


Post-Doctoral Fellow

Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Visual Attention Lab


I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah and the director of the Applied Visual Attention lab. Previously, I was an NIH-sponsored post-doctoral researcher at Harvard Medical School in Jeremy's Wolfe's Visual Attention Lab. In my research, I study the role that attention plays in a diverse array of paradigms using a variety of neuroscience and psychophysical methods. Some current active lines of research include:

1.    Using EEG and the contralateral control method to study         the neural underpinnings of paying attention to multiple         object / locations.

2.    Using eye-tracking to understand the use of Computer-           Aided Detection.

3.    Using advanced eye-tracking methodology to understand        how search is accomplished in volumetric space. 

4.    Using eye-tracking and psychophysical techniques to                compare how search through visual space compares to         search through memory space. 

5.    Studying the role of expertise in inattentional blindness:

YouTube Video

(Special thanks to Gurjeev Sohi at SimpliSci for making this video for us!)

My graduate work with Edward Vogel focused on fundamental questions about the neural underpinnings of memory and attention. This work is still ongoing and we are now working using EEG to understand the time-course of information transfer from one region of the brain to another.  My post-doctoral work has led to some exciting new translational research that applies what we know about attention to diagnostic radiology. The ultimate goal is to decrease the error rate in diagnostic radiology. 

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