Traditional Morinus

Modified March 18, 2017

Valens is available.

This software is the traditional version of the modern Morinus.

The differences between this and the modern version:
  • No minor aspects
  • No Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
  • Chaldean planet order
  • Orbs belong to the planets and not the aspects
  • Only traditional aspects
  • Clicking on a planet will show its aspects and orbs (clicking on an empty area of the chart removes them) [this can be disabled in App I]
  • There are only individual colors (not acc. to dignities)
  • Selectable showing the Lots (Arabic Parts) in the chart
  • No terrestrial charts
  • Heliocentric chart
  • clearer code
  • Nicer symbols
  • Syzygy to charts menu
  • Menu selection dialog
  • Arabic Parts renamed to Lots
  • Symbols in Tables/Lots
  • Redesigned Options/Lots (editor: LT: Light of the Time, LH: Lord of Hour, DE:Degree, RE: Reference (Lot can refer to another lot))
  • Showing of the Lots in charts and Table can be selected in Options/Lots (checkbox) [Lots other than the Fortune needs Lots selected in AppearanceI]
  • Lots according to houses(Whole-sign housesystem) if "Use whole-sign instead of degrees" set in Options/Lots; Lots will be placed in the middle of the signs(i.e. houses); PDs: use LoF without ayanamsa and/or "Use whole-sign ...
  • Showing of FixedStars and Lots in chart radially
  • PNG instead of BMP (Save As Bmp)
  • Showing of all the selected FixedStars in chart if "Show out of orb too" is selected in AppearanceI
  • Firdaria (Diurnal, Nocturnal(According to Al Biruni or Bonatus)) (over 100 years)
  • Dodecatemoria(12)
  • Rise times of the signs (in Tables/Rise/Set)
  • Here and now (with Default Location in Options menu)
  • Netbook in Options/AppearanceI works in case of every Dialog
  • Languages: only english, russian and french

The .hor, placedb.dat and files of this and the modern version are interchangeable.


Perhaps it is not that clear on the webpage of the modern version: without the Swiss Ephemeris the program will use the built-in semi-analytical algorithms of Steve Moshier for calculating the positions. The Swiss and the Moshier Ephemerides calculate the same positions for e.g. 1973.
The more you go backwards or forwards in time, the bigger the difference will be.


Copy the Morinus/SWEP/src/Linux/ (on Linux) or Morinus/SWEP/src/Windows/sweastrology.pyd (on Windows) to the Morinus directory.
On Windows: install python, PIL and wxpython(unicode) as it is written on the "modern" webpage.
On Linux: e.g. Ubuntu, only the wxpython need to be installed because python and the PIL are already installed
Note that this software needs pyhton 2.7.x and not python 3.x.

I couldn't test it on Windows but it should be ok.

Open a command prompt on Windows or terminal on Linux and in the Morinus directory type:
python ./

Note that on Windows:
is enough.

!! A few users had problems with the ttf (true type font - Morinus.ttf): There was an error message when they executed the source (Couldn't find Morinus.ttf).
They fixed it by using Pillow instead of PIL:

Jens' fix:
Since newer linux versions don't use python-wxgtk2.8 anymore, I had to download it and three more dependency packages from the official Ubuntu Site:
The good thing is, the modules can co-exist without creating any system-related problems. But in order to get Morinus use python-wxgtk2.8, I had to open the file with a text editor and I followed the advice from this page:

Above the line "import wx" I added the following two lines:
import wxversion"2.8")

This will ensure that one can still change colors and orbs. Other than that I had to change within all chart and table files, fromstring and tostring to frombytes and tobytes.
After opening Morinus via shell (i.e. starting Morinus from Terminal), it always pointed out the exact position of the line within the .py files that had to be changed. There were not so many lines which had to be changed and the little work it needed was totally worth it! (end of Jen's fix)

About PDs

The PDs was tested with the modern version. The zodiacal midpoints-with-latitude and the mundane midpoints are different.
It seems that these algorithms(zodiacal:Plantiko, mundane:Makransky) are planet-order-sensitive.
No Terms to Desc and IC.

Hellenistic Astrology

Project Hindsight
Robert Schmidt On Hellenistic Astrology Part One (video) [1.5 hrs]
Robert Schmidt On Hellenistic Astrology Part Two (video) [1.5 hrs]
R. Schmidt: Facets of Fate
R. Schmidt: House Divison, Planetary Strength and Cusps in Hellenistic Astrology
Steven Birchfield: The living Signs

Benjamin Dykes - Traditional Astrology For Today: An Introduction

Indian Astrology

They say that the best book currently available is:
Hart de Fouw, Robert Svoboda: Light on Life

JyotishTools (free software)
Jagannatha Hora (free software)

Charts in polar regions (astronomy):


I would like to thank(in alphabetical order) to:
  • Abd-Allah(Switzerland), for the ayanamsa-related bugs and testing
  • Csaba(Finland), for the Online database, Firdaria and testing, help in redesigning the Lots editor, Dodecatemoria(12)
  • Denis(Israel), for the russian translation, contributions to the Linux version, Almutens and Syzygy
  • Francois(France), for the Almuten-bug
  • Gabor(Hungary), for the BC chart-bug
  • Margherita(Italy), for the Placidus(UnderThePole), Profections and testing
  • Martin(Sweden), for correcting the Regiomontanian and Campanian PDs, Sidereal calculations and testing
  • Petr(Czech Republic), especially for his help/guidance with the PDs and testing
  • Philippe(France), french translation
  • Roberto(Italy), for fixing the Regio/Campanian speculum, Algorithms(Rapt Parallels, Asc/MC(Findtime), PDsInChart, Ingress)
  • Szabolcs(Hungary), for the missing aspects in the charts


26.03.2010. version pre1.0 added (only the source)
29.03.2010. Primary Directions added
29.03.2010. User speculum added
29.03.2010. Topical Almuten Crash fixed
29.03.2010. PDs and Exact transits fixed
30.03.2010. MorinusWin added (built on Linux with Wine[Windows Emulator])
30.03.2010. Personal Data Dialog fixed
30.03.2010. Synastry added
30.03.2010. Colors, Orbs and FixedStars Dialogs fixed. Lot of Fortune fixed
31.03.2010. SunTransits, Secondary Directions, Elections menus fixed
18.07.2010. Todo changed
28.08.2010. Ayanamsa added
28.08.2010. Precession and Nutation correction added to solar revolutions in case of an ayanamsa
18.09.2010. House-position calculation of planets (hopefully)fixed; used in Squarechart and Almutens
18.09.2010. PDs in revolutions added (right click on the chart of a solar or lunar)
11.10.2010. TODO changed
20.10.2010. Program crash related to fixedstars fixed
20.10.2010. FixedStars-conjunction Table fixed
20.10.2010. Transits fixed (Retrograde (the "R") was not shown)
20.10.2010. FindTime added to Horoscope menu. (See: General Remarks in the help-file)
21.10.2010. BC added to FindTime
21.10.2010. Negative sign added to the data field of the radix-charts in case of BC charts
23.10.2010. FindTime improved (the Main window won't get disabled and already opened chart won't be closed)
23.10.2010. Graphical Ephemeris (Tropical or Sidereal) added to Hororoscope menu.
23.10.2010. Help-file changed
23.10.2010. version 1.0 released
24.10.2010. Graphical Ephemeris improved
24.10.2010. Whole-sign houses with ayanamsa fixed
24.10.2010. FindTime: '-' added to "Calculating" in case of BC; "Are You Sure?" fixed
24.10.2010. Orbs of fixedstars couldn't be changed one by one; fixed
26.10.2010. Program crash fixed (related to syzygy calculation if date of chart was 1/1/1)
26.10.2010. The color of LoF wasn't saved in the options
26.10.2010. Old options file can't be used
26.10.2010. Color of LoF fixed in the 30deg-strip table
26.10.2010. Fixedstars in the PrimDirs dialog didn't get cleared if Fixedstars selections changed in the options; fixed
26.10.2010. Bigger planets in the graphical ephemeris
01.11.2010. Credits changed
01.11.2010. Several important fixes related to the FindTime feature
07.11.2010. if no FixedStars were selected in Options/FixedStars then problem with Tables/"FixedStars Conj" feature; fixed
07.11.2010. Graphical ephemeris fixed (see the lines of the planets at the top in case of year 25)
21.11.2010. Revolutions fixed (if antiscia or fixedstars was selected in AppearanceI, then it was shown in the Revolutions)
21.11.2010. Typo fixed that could cause a program crash
21.11.2010. Apparent Solar Time fixed in Secondary Directions (first attempt)
21.11.2010. Profections (currently only Yearly) added to Charts menu
21.11.2010. Rise/Set times(Local Mean Time) added to Tables menu
21.11.2010. Version 1.1 released
19.12.2010. TemporalHour and HourlyDistance added to the speculums and Appearance II
19.12.2010. Old Morinus.opt file can't be used (options changed)
19.12.2010. Version 1.2 released
30.01.2011. Mundane stuff(PDs, LoF, MundanePositions-table, Profections) added
30.01.2011. "About PDs" section was added
30.01.2011. Credits updated
30.01.2011. Old Morinus.opt file cannot be used
30.01.2011. version 2.0 released
04.02.2011. Profected LoF fixed
09.02.2011. "About PDs" section changed
20.02.2011. Netbook option fixed
20.02.2011. Morinus.opt (options-file) split up in Opts directory
20.02.2011. Max number of rows in the Topical-Almutens to 30
20.02.2011. version 2.1 released
28.02.2011. Syzygy added to Topical-Almutens
28.02.2011. version 2.2 released
14.03.2011. Hot-keys changed (Tables)
14.03.2011. Profections to Options
14.03.2011. Profections to Tables menu
14.03.2011. Positions(Tables) of zodiacal profections fixed
14.03.2011. Same row can be added several times to Topical almutens
14.03.2011. "Light of the time" added to Topical almutens
14.03.2011. Syzygy2 added to Charts menu
14.03.2011. version 2.3 released
30.05.2011. Zodiacal profections fixed
30.05.2011. Credits dialog changed
04.06.2011. Russian translation added
04.06.2011. "Menu selection" added to Options (change selection, save options, restart program; Press reload and then restart program to discard changes)
04.06.2011. version 2.4 released
13.06.2011. Confirmation dialog added to "Reload"
26.06.2011. Several ayanamsa-related bugs fixed (Antiscia, Position-text of LoF)
26.06.2011. Selected ayanamsa or "Tropical" is shown in the center of the chart
03.07.2011. almutens(Points, Chart) with ayanamsa fixed
03.07.2011. version 2.5 released
17.07.2011. Tropical or selected ayanamsa added to Square-chart
17.07.2011. Mercury in Virgo(Almutens): exaltation is not taken into account
17.07.2011. Aspects table fixed (intermediate HCs, ayanamsa+wholesign houses)
17.07.2011. version 2.6 released
22.07.2011. Use exaltation if MercuryInVirgo added to Options/Almutens/Chart
22.07.2011. Tables/PrimaryDirections Ctrl+F12
22.07.2011. BC charts fixed
22.07.2011. Old almutenchart.opt file cannot be used
22.07.2011. version 2.7 released
26.07.2011. FindTime got 25 times faster
26.07.2011. version 2.8 released
07.08.2011. 30-deg zodiacal Profections added (see Profections section in the help-files)
07.08.2011. old Profections.opt file cannot be used
07.08.2011. version 2.9 released
14.08.2011. Monthly profections added to 30-deg Profections
14.08.2011. version 3.0 released
21.08.2011. 30-deg Profections removed (was not implemented correctly)
21.08.2011. Monthly profections added to Tables/Profections
21.08.2011. Degree and second added to approximation in FindTime
21.08.2011. Old profections.opt file can not be used
21.08.2011. version 3.1 released
04.09.2011. Asc/MC (FindPlace) added to FindTime
04.09.2011. version 3.2 released
17.09.2011. Options/Profections: if "Use zodiacal projections of planets" was set and saved the latitude of planets was set to zero in the whole program (e.g. the PDs was computed with latitude=zero regardless of the PD settings)
17.09.2011. version 3.3 released
24.09.2011. Rise/Set times temporarily removed
24.09.2011. Aspects of promissors to intermediate housecups added to PDs
24.09.2011. Two bugs fixed in Placidus(UnderthePole) PDs
24.09.2011. Iteration selection added to the secondary motion of the Moon in PD-dialog
24.09.2011. Rounding of the longitudes in the charts removed
24.09.2011. Old primarydirs.opt file can't be used
24.09.2011. version 3.4 released
02.10.2011. Rise/Set times added (in GMT) Sun and Moon can be checked:
02.10.2011. Regiomontanus PDs: Terms with ayanamsa always used the tropical zodiac; fixed
02.10.2011. All digits shown in Mundane Positions table
02.10.2011. version 3.5 released
31.10.2011. PDs-In-Chart added (Options/"PDs in chart" and right-click on a PD-row in the PD-list)
31.10.2011. PDs-In-Chart section added to the modern webpage
31.10.2011. version 4.0 released
01.11.2011. Dynamic-keys fixed
05.11.2011. PDs-In-Chart: selected key always used (static, dynamic)
05.11.2011. Ingresses with ayanamsa fixed
05.11.2011. PDs-In-Chart: New terminology
05.11.2011. Aspects of promissor Asc/MC removed from the PD-ist
05.11.2011. version 4.1 released
18.11.2011. 2nd and 3rd iterations of the Moon to the Angles and intermediate housecusps fixed
18.11.2011. Old menusel.opt (an options file in the Opts folder) cannot be used
18.11.2011. version 4.2 released
25.11.2011. "Incremental Search" added to Options/FixedStars
25.11.2011. version 4.3 released
04.12.2011. Online place-database added to Horoscope/New(or Data)/Place dialog. See General Remarks in the help file
04.12.2011. Russian translation updated
04.12.2011. version 4.4 released
05.12.2011. Charts/Transits, Revolutions, SunTransits, SecondaryDirs fixed (Places dialog)
06.12.2011. Windows-binary (the executable) fixed
10.12.2011. Search fixed for Windows in Options/FixedStars dialog
10.12.2011. Options/Orbs dialog fixed if there are no FixedStars selected in Options/FixedStars
10.12.2011. Source ( updated for python2.7
10.12.2011. version 4.5 released
21.12.2011. Selectable showing the Arabic Parts (Lots) in the chart added to Options/AppearanceI
21.12.2011. Old Opts/appearance1.opt cannot be used
21.12.2011. version 4.6 released
22.01.2012. Arc-bug (PDs-In-Charts/Celestial fixed)
22.01.2012. French translation
22.01.2012. version 4.7 released
29.01.2012. Regiomontanus PDsInCharts fixed
29.01.2012. French translation updated
29.01.2012. version 4.8 released
26.02.2012. Profections (Placidean Annual, zodiacal projections) fixed
26.02.2012. Help-files updated (PDs-In-Charts)
26.02.2012. Terms to Desc and IC removed (PDs)
26.02.2012. version 4.9 released
24.03.2012. Here and now (with Default Location in Options menu)
24.03.2012. Firdaria (Diurnal, Nocturnal(According to Al Biruni or Bonatus) in Options)
24.03.2012. Acknowledgements added to this webpage
24.03.2012. version 5.0 released
01.04.2012. Arabic Parts renamed to Lots
01.04.2012. Options/Lots redesigned (editor: LT: Light of the Time, LH: Lord of Hour, DE:Degree, RE: Reference (Lot can refer to another lot))
01.04.2012. Lot of Fortune moved to Options/Lots
01.04.2012. Tables/Lots with symbols
01.04.2012. PNG instead of BMP (Save As Bmp)
01.04.2012. Extended Firdaria (over 100 years)
01.04.2012. Showing of the Lots in charts and Table can be selected in Options/Lots (checkbox) [Lots other than the Fortune needs Lots selected in AppearanceI]
01.04.2012. Displaying FixedStars and Lots in chart radially (the checked ones)
01.04.2012. (FixedStars) "Show out of orb too" added to Options/AppearanceI (show all the selected fixedstars in chart)
01.04.2012. Local Apparent Time (LAT) fixed in Horoscope/New (or Data) and Secondary Directions
01.04.2012. Ayanamsa+Antiscia fixed (ayanamsa subtracted from tropical antiscia)
01.04.2012. Old appearance1.opt and almutentopicalsandparts.opt cannot be used (the second one was also renamed)
01.04.2012. Acknowledgements changed
01.04.2012. Known Bugs added to webpage
01.04.2012. version 5.5 released
11.04.2012. Secondary Directions fixed (daylight saving)
11.04.2012. Dodecatemoria(12) added to Options/Appearance I
11.04.2012. Acknowledgements changed
11.04.2012. version 5.6 released
21.04.2012. Lots according to houses(Whole-sign housesystem) and not according to degrees if "Use whole-sign instead of degrees" set in Options/Lots; added
21.04.2012. Netbook in Options/AppearanceI works in case of every Dialog
21.04.2012. Old almutentopicalandlots.opt cannot be used
21.04.2012. version 5.7 released
22.04.2012. Known Bugs updated
23.04.2012. Lots with ayanamsa fixed
23.04.2012. version 5.8 released
01.05.2012. "Here and now" (Options/Default Location) fixed for locations to the west from Greenwich(England)
01.05.2012. Russian translation updated
01.05.2012. version 5.9 released
11.05.2012. Known Bugs updated
01.06.2012. "Hellenistic Astrology" and "Indian Astrology" added to the webpage
06.07.2012. Square-chart+Ayanamsa fixed [only the source ( released]
06.07.2012. Tables/Profections fixed [only the source ( released]
06.07.2012. BC charts fixed (charts created for a date earlier than 1583 need to be created with Julian-calendar); [only the source ( released]
06.07.2012. Version 6.0 released [only the source ( released]
27.07.2012. Version 6.0 released (Windows-binary)
06.11.2012. Ingresses fixed (crash)
06.11.2012. Version 6.1 released
09.12.2012. Possible crash-bug fixed in the chart-drawing algorithms
09.12.2012. Heliocentric chart added to Charts-menu (rudimentary)
09.12.2012. Old menusel.opt options-file cannot be used
09.12.2012. Version 6.2 released
06.09.2013. Link added to Astroeternity-website
13.12.2013. Link added to Charts in polar regions
13.12.2013. Installation(source) changed: link to Pillow added
25.02.2014. Online place-database (Geonames) fixed                (source only, i.e.
25.02.2014. Rising times of the signs added to Tables/RiseSet   (source only, i.e.
25.02.2014. Windows-binary will be uploaded as soon as possible
02.03.2014. Windows-binary uploaded
09.03.2014 Valens released
18.03.2017. Jens' fix added (see section on Installation)

Note that in case of a chart created for a date earlier than 1583 Julian-calendar need to be used

Known Bugs:
  • Displaying the Lots and FixedStars on Windows in chart is not as good as on Linux
  • Ayanamsa: in Comparison charts only one ayanamsa is used (e.g. Radix for 1980 and Transit for 2050) 
  • Ayanamsa: Exact Transits are not precession corrected
  • Save As Text (PDs) should be used in english (this is not a bug but a minor inconvenience)
  • I am not sure whether Secondary Directions is correct with the "Apparent Solar Time"-setting.
  • Sometimes a chart is found only if Retrograde is unchecked and Approximation is used in Horoscope/Find time
  • Problems with data in Tables/Speeds (maybe only with the Moon) if Topocentric is checked in Options/AppearanceI (it seems that it's a bug in the Swiss Ephemeris)
  • Syzygy Above horizon (radix)

robert dot pluto at gmail dot com

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Hades Pluto,
Feb 25, 2014, 3:34 AM
Hades Pluto,
Mar 2, 2014, 9:50 AM