Our jams are informal get-togethers for the purpose of sharing our love of traditional music and for promoting the playing of Celtic and Old Time music in Hawaii. Acoustic and acoustic style instrumentalists as well as singers are welcome. The mix of instruments varies from session to session. We have had guitars, banjos,mandolins, ukulele, fiddles, viola, cellos, piano, hammered dulcimer, harps, flutes, pennywhistles, recorders, accordian, pipes. We would love the addition of an acoustic bass, bodhran or other percussion, concertina, etc.

Beginners are welcome, and participation at all levels is encouraged. We are a diverse, democratic and loosely organized group with a range of playing proficiency and familiarity with the music. Music reading is helpful but not at all necessary. Bring a music stand, if you are going to be using music. Many of us bring copies of tunes to share. We have starter packages of Tunes that would be appropriate in PDF's. At a typical session, folks sit in a circle, each in turn picking a tune or song for the whole group to play or sing. This is not a performance but an opportunity to share a new tune, revisit an old favorite, or to learn from each other. We play a tune several times, enough to work out the kinks and become familiar with it. The person who picks the tune gets to set the tempo. The jams last about two and one half hours, usually with a break. Time flies, and we do have fun.



We are on a break because of the Coronavirus,

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Typically Tradjam will be 1st Sunday of the month.

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