June 2, 2018

Sorry to have neglected this site. I have still been unsuccessful at finding a convenient location for the Tradjam.

Since Sam is still having a slow session at his place on a regular basis and I support his session regularly, I will let the idea of a Sat Tradjam go unless some great location comes suddenly up. Please let me know.

The regular sessions have changed too, they are now a the Coffee Line on the 2nd Saturday of the month and at the Celtic Room downtown behind O'Toole's on the 4th Sunday of the month.

To be put on a reminder list contact Clark of Celtic Waves at celticwaves@gmail.comcelticwaves@gm

Irish Dance Group is still here and available for classes at,


I still send out a reminder list for Sam's Slow Session and general  topics of interest, email me at, 


From last year 2016

We found out last month that the Manoa Gardens will no longer allow the use of the Recreation Room on weekends.

We will be looking for a replacement. If anyone knows of a site please let us know.

Until this happens, there is still Sam's Garage on the 4th Sunday.


Our jams are informal get-togethers for the purpose of sharing our love of traditional music and for promoting the playing of Celtic and Old Time music in Hawaii. Acoustic and acoustic style instrumentalists as well as singers are welcome. The mix of instruments varies from session to session. We have had guitars, banjos,mandolins, ukulele, fiddles, viola, cellos, piano, hammered dulcimer, harps, flutes, pennywhistles, recorders, accordian. We would love the addition of an acoustic bass, bodhran or other percussion, concertina, bagpipes,etc.

Beginners are welcome, and participation at all levels is encouraged. We are a diverse, democratic and loosely organized group with a range of playing proficiency and familiarity with the music. Music reading is helpful but not at all necessary. Bring a music stand, if you are going to be using music. Many of us bring copies of tunes to share. We have starter packages of Tunes that would be appropriate in PDF's.
At a typical jam 6 to 12 jammers sit in a circle, each in turn picking a tune or song for the whole group to play or sing. This is not a performance but an opportunity to share a new tune, revisit an old favorite, or to learn from each other. We play a tune several times, enough to work out the kinks and become familiar with it. The person who picks the tune gets to set the tempo. The jams last about two and one half hours, usually with a juice break. Time flies, and we do have fun.


Starting next month we will be having these at 
Manoa Gardens Elderly Housing
at 2790 Kahaloa Dr.
See map,
Its in the building next to the Red Pin and Circle.

Jams are held on the first Saturday  of the month in the afternoons from 3:00 til 6:00.  Please inquire or ask to be added to reminder list sent the week of the Tradjam.
Please park at the Manoa park ONLY which is adjacent.

Send your email address to wpang@hawaiiantel.net
if you'd like to be added to our email reminder list,
also in case of a cancellation.

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