An Ethnographic Study of Traditional Money by Charles Opitz

This book is the result of more than 26 years of research and the review of 600 books containing ethnographic information on traditional money which is also known as odd & curious money or primitive money. It is a fascinating journey through the history of the intermingling of culture and money. 
Contains more than 1,200 pictures of traditional money, 150 of which are full color (most of the photographs were taken by the author of items in his personal collection)- $80.00

410 pages
8 1/2 x 11 size

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This book is my legacy and life's work.  My goal is not to make money, but to advance the growth of the hobby and spread the enjoyment that this research has given me.
                                                                            -Charles Opitz

Excerpt from the dust jacket-
"Everywhere among the peoples of the world we see examples of traditional money.  From the wampum of the American Indians used in the past, to the mamulis still being used by villagers for bride price on the Island of Sumba, we have always been fascinated by the relationship between culture and money.  Traditional money has always been used for the important events in life such as buying land, bride price, death, the birth of a child, and coming of age.  Even when coins or paper money are used for everyday activities, traditional money may still be used for the most important occasions.
The book's introduction explores the definition of money.  This includes the analysis of the definition of money by several leading economists and economic anthropologists.  The book is a comprehensive listing and explanation of forms of money excluding coins and paper money.
Because the definition of money is subjective at best, this book also includes items that do not meet all of the criteria of money but are at some time considered as such.  Included are explanations of the usage of the traditional money in the culture, history and references...."