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Manul's North Sea Gaff Ketch

posted Jun 13, 2010, 11:04 AM by Tasha Kostolany   [ updated Nov 25, 2011, 11:23 AM ]
[10:56]  Manul Rotaru:  I also could rez another work in progress of mine..several ppl liked her already... month ago I started a fishing gaff ketch from North Sea..these days I worked on

[10:59]  Manul Rotaru: there are 2 of them , doing trips on Elbe river and north sea here
[10:59]  Manul Rotaru: one of them is moored next to the beer bar in a museum harbor where I was 2 days ago
[11:00]  Manul Rotaru: very prominent ship :)
[11:00]  Manul Rotaru: beautiful :)
[11:00]  Tasha Kostolany: what time period would this boat have been made?
[11:01]  Manul Rotaru: around 100 years ago
[11:02]  Manul Rotaru: but the one i had in mind was buidt 1928, so not so old
[11:02]  Manul Rotaru: very seaworthy
[11:02]  Tasha Kostolany: yes!!!
[11:02]  Tasha Kostolany: very stable in heavy seas
[11:02]  Manul Rotaru: they went out in the stormy winter season on the north sea, going fishing, very harsh and very hard conditions. Dangerous
[11:03]  Tasha Kostolany: mmhmm and this would have held a lot too
[11:03]  Tasha Kostolany: do you know many would go on a boat like this
[11:04]  Manul Rotaru: it depends... due to the ketch rig which handles very well and very flexible in fast changing weather conditions, you can handle such a boat with a small crew... but...
[11:04]  Manul Rotaru: they are museums ships, they go with guests on cruises
[11:04]  Manul Rotaru: they go an harbour fiestas, harbour birthdays
[11:04]  Manul Rotaru: so sometimes many ppl onboard
[11:04]  Manul Rotaru: huge deck area

to see a picture of oneof the rl North Sea boats go here

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