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2012, Oct, Live-Aboard Boat Show

posted Oct 9, 2012, 10:24 AM by Tasha Kostolany   [ updated Oct 17, 2012, 2:47 AM ]

The "Live-Aboard" Boat Show was an idea that came from from Noodles (Nood Exonar)  which really appealed to me as I know we have never featured anything like it as a class of boats to show off exclusively. Now the thing is, when I was talking our Harbour Master - Ahab Quandry -- that we didn't want to show the mega motor yachts which are so common, not necessarily because we don't like them, but because they take up so much room and prims. No, this show was to be about the kinds of boats that have a bunk or a couch inside a  cabin were you could sleep and . . . conceivably, live aboard for a short period of time if not longer.

So that was the seed of the idea and I think it turned out pretty well. We weren't going to show exclusively sailboats but we would give preference to sailboats we thought.

After about a week, as I write this on October 9th, I think the show is turning out pretty well. It continues to grow but we are reaching our maximum of prims so any new boats that come in we will .. .  though reluctantly, need to return some of the ones that have been here a while.

It is always fun to see a mix of boats that are home-builds with the more polished commercial boats as is always the case with us at Tradewinds it is more a celebration of the art of boat making and seeing what is available in sl than it is in showing just the best

Housecat by Manul Rotaru

Tetra 35 by Seawolf

Left to right:  Trudeau T12, (this one is renamed "BiTcH #ORCA"  lol ) , Trudeau Sojourner -- all by Jacqueline Trudeau. Then the white one is WildWind SC-22 by corry Kamachi

WildWind SC-22 by corry Kamachi

WildWind SC-35 by corry Kamachi

Notorious (in green) and Astra jG (in white) by Juli Gothly

Wadden Sea Cruiser 3.5_Tasha by Manul Rotaru,   Leisure_Cat behind it also my Manul


HoboRaft by Arcadia Asylum and another hobo creation from found objects by ღAna Victoriaღ (anavictoria.morales)

MLCC Loonetta 31 by Motor Loon

NorthWind - Vasco da Gama by ЯΔŹΟŖ (razor.marenwolf)

Elbkieker__motorship by Manul Rotaru and MLCC Oceanic by Motor Loon

WildWind JMO-60_NP and Trudeau Knockabout Sloop
the power boat in the back is Bandit570 by Analyse Dean

Schooner Meteor 20 by Rene Underby

China Sea by Scalar Tolsen

Cotton Blossom by Balduin Aabye

Regent  Version 3 by Mont Bade


Houseboat the Jordaan by Froukje Hoorenbeek

WildWind PC-70 by corry Kamachi

whhite boat is NorthWind - Bianca 107 by ЯΔŹΟŖ (razor.marenwolf)
and the Schokker by Rene Underby

RM 20  by Rene Underby

sea_lion by Manul Rotaru

BOLERO by Balduin Aabye

The SkipJack Katerina by Jethro Sands (jethro2112.sands)
smaller boat is the Trudeau NY30 by Jacqueline Trudeau

morn_star (Morning Star) by Twohead Janus

Pilot Cutter by Rene Underby

J-Class 3.1  by Rene Underby

SB - Breakwater Schooner by Silky Bulloch