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Linteus Dench's Roar Ege, Viking Ship

posted Jun 10, 2011, 9:42 AM by Tasha Kostolany   [ updated Nov 23, 2011, 10:01 AM ]
From Greeks to Vikings, Linteus is Master of the Historical Boat

A Loving recreation of the Roar Ege (aka Skuldelev III)
from the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, Denmark

Right now, tied up at the docks is Linteus finish Viking ship -- a faithful, to scale recreation of Roar Ege, from the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark. "Rore Ege" is the name of the real life reproduction the museum built of this boat. This Viking ship, dating from about 1000 A.D. was found in 1957 in the bay at Roskilde in Denmark. The wreck was salvaged in 1962, and after a thorough preservation it was possible to carry out a reconstruction of the vessel.

Skuldelev 3 – The coastal trader

Material: oak
Length: 14 metres
Breadth: 3.3 metres
Draught: 0.9 metres
Displacement: 9.6 tons
Cargo capacity: 4.6 tons
No. of oars: 5 oar ports
Crew: 5-8 men
Sail area: 45 m2
Average speed: 4-5 knots
Top speed: 8-10 knots
Dating: ca. 1040
Place of construction: Denmark
Preserved: ca. 75 %

Wreck 3 is a small, elegant trading and transport vessel, possibly of the byrding type. The ship was built of Danish oak. It had decks of loose planks fore and aft and an open hold amidships with room for about 4 tons of cargo. The ship had a crew of 5-8 men. 

The ship may have been used when a farmer and his associates had to travel to a market or meet at an assembly.

It was well adapted for sailing in Danish coastal waters and in the Baltic. Wind was the most important means of powering the ship, but the oars could be used when manoeuvring or when travelling short distances in calm weather. An average speed of 4-5 knots could be held in favourable winds. Roar Ege, a reconstruction of Skuldelev 3 built by the Viking Ship Museum, has sailed at a top speed of 8.5 knots. Roar Ege is on display at the museum harbour.

The museum collection is based on the five Viking ships that were excavated at Skuldelev in Roskilde Fjord in 1962. This was the third ship is referred to as the Skuldelev 3. The museum built a reproduction of 

Real Life Replica called the Roar Ege (Skuldelev III)

 Real Life Replica called the Roar Ege (Skuldelev III)

 Real Life Replica called the Roar Ege (Skuldelev III)

[2011/05/29 12:34]  Tasha Kostolany: hi Linteus,would love to hear about your new boat
[2011/05/29 12:34]  Linteus Dench: Hi Tasha!
[2011/05/29 12:34]  Linteus Dench: Oh, i'm still testing it
[2011/05/29 12:35]  Linteus Dench: this is the replica of a danish viking fishing boat
[2011/05/29 12:35]  Tasha Kostolany: nice
[2011/05/29 12:35]  Linteus Dench: well this time i added a little trick
[2011/05/29 12:36]  Linteus Dench: in order to show the inner keel part
[2011/05/29 12:37]  Linteus Dench: the part that normally is under SL water level
[2011/05/29 12:38]  Tasha Kostolany: ohhh the masking of the water -- yes
[2011/05/29 12:38]  Linteus Dench: yes
[2011/05/29 12:38]  Tasha Kostolany: yes nice

[2011/05/29 12:38]  Tasha Kostolany: wow, 31 prims
[2011/05/29 12:38]  Linteus Dench: i wonted it fully detailed
[2011/05/29 12:39]  Linteus Dench: i'm still working about some details
[2011/05/29 12:39]  Linteus Dench: and i have to add crew poses too
[2011/05/29 12:39]  Linteus Dench: but almost done :)

[2011/05/29 12:40]  Linteus Dench: i went to copenhagen Museum [and did some research]
[2011/05/29 12:41]  Tasha Kostolany: wow that's wonderful!!!!!!!!

[2011/05/29 12:43]  Linteus Dench: i will set up a little exhibit about Roskilde Museum and viking boats
[2011/05/29 12:43]  Tasha Kostolany: ok I can't wait

[2011/05/29 12:43]  Linteus Dench: as i know they presented the "sea stallion" ship there in Dex
[2011/05/29 12:43]  Linteus Dench: one year ago
[2011/05/29 12:44]  Linteus Dench: that is another ship of the same museum
[2011/05/29 12:44]  Tasha Kostolany: :))) yes
[2011/05/29 12:45]  Linteus Dench: i met Doctor Asp, the sea stallion builder there in dex
[2011/05/29 12:45]  Linteus Dench: then we met in RL past March
[2011/05/29 12:45]  Tasha Kostolany: omg really?   how neat
[2011/05/29 12:46]  Tasha Kostolany: I like Asp
[2011/05/29 12:46]  Linteus Dench: yep.Asp working for the Roskilde University
[2011/05/29 12:46]  Tasha Kostolany: very creative person
[2011/05/29 12:46]  Linteus Dench: Totally, and very friendly
[2011/05/29 12:46]  Tasha Kostolany: very sweet
[2011/05/29 12:47]  Linteus Dench: i will donate the "roar ege2 to the Roskilde Museum in SL

[2011/05/29 12:50]  Tasha Kostolany: you should make a movie for them as well
[2011/05/29 12:50]  Linteus Dench: ehhhhhhh
[2011/05/29 12:50]  Linteus Dench: i'd like yes
[2011/05/29 12:51]  Tasha Kostolany: and if you need actors I would be happy to play
[2011/05/29 12:51]  Linteus Dench: lol ok
[2011/05/29 12:51]  Tasha Kostolany: :)))
[2011/05/29 12:51]  Linteus Dench: as a viking marmaid?
[2011/05/29 12:51]  Tasha Kostolany: lol
[2011/05/29 12:51]  Tasha Kostolany: yeah or crying at the shore as they sail away


Friday 14th October 2011, Olle Crumlin-Pedersen, founder of the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum, died.

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