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Dutch releases a new boat - the Nacra 17

posted Dec 14, 2012, 1:41 PM by Tasha Kostolany   [ updated Dec 14, 2012, 2:14 PM ]
Dutch (kain.xenobuilder) just released his new "Nacra 17" which is an amazingly fun little catamaran that has a fun and very easy to use and understand trapeze hiking  for the passenger who can also control the sails. The boat is currently on display at Dex

[12:31] Tasha Kostolany: so you have any info on thsi boat I can pass people
[12:31] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): mmm yeah, a few things
[12:31] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): firstly i think its the first cat with a gennaker
[12:31] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): for a small boat like this that's kinda cool
[12:31] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): you can sail it with two people, they boat can shift their weight
[12:32] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): the daggerboards you see are not actually daggers, theyre hydrofoils
[12:32] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): they lift the boat up at speed for even faster aqua planing
[12:33] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): ehm lets see what else
[12:34] Dutch (kain.xenobuilder): it's 31 PE