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Working with Blender


Step 1:  Attempt a basic sculpt using blender, focus on simple objects, such as components you might wish to put on a finished build, that would take more than one prim to build, for example, a winch, or pulley, a rudder with a handle, an antenna.  (I have sculpted a satellite dish, a sleeping bag, and a pillow).  Save sculpting complex objects like boat hulls for later.  

Step 2:  Bring your sculpted (but untextured) objects to Saturday's boat building workshop.  Good luck and happy sculpting!
If you have any questions while you work through these steps, help is available in SL by joining one or more of the following groups and asking your questions in Group Chat.

Blender primstar/jass
Blender Academy
Blender Caffee
You may also ask JakeSpeed Northman who may be able to help you with your questions. 

See you Saturday, and please, bring your sculpting wish list with you!  (Things you would like to sculpt yourself)


Dekka & Jake.