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Sailboat building can be divided into two parts - Making the Prims, and Adapting the Script to the boat.   We'll look at both.

Build Your Own Boat for Dummies  release 1-37
Doc Available online with images
By Tasha Kostolany, sections by TYC Members
-- This is a document distributed from Tradewinds Yacht Club.
-- Do not repackage and re-distribute
-- Suggestions and submissions encouraged
-- As  a living document updates will be made at the URL and in-world at TYC in Dex

A)    What BWind means to boat builders

B)    Where to Start -  Intro & Tips           
!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!
C)    Root Prim                                           !!!! IMPORTANT !!!!
D)    Understanding limitations When Building (Prim Limit and Lag)        !!!! IMPORTANT !!!!

Basic - Boat Hull Building

Intermediate - Adapting the BWind Sail Engine to a Pre-made Boat

Advanced - Sculpties
 9)    Introduction to Sculpts and the Programs that make them
Sculptie Programs:            
                 - Blender - Introduction
Working with Blender
                        Working with Blender - tutorial video
                - Prim Oven
                - Sculpt Studio - Introduction
10)          Problems and Tricks -- Boat Hull

Advanced - Mesh
            12)      -   
Introduction to Mesh    FAQ
                  -    Ana Victoria's Mesh project (The Experts Advise)
                       -   Motor Loon - In Search of the Holly Grail of Mesh - Low PE Boats

            13)     -    Mesh Vs. Sculpties
                       -    A  Case of the 2 Chairs

                       -   Texturing Mesh Object's
                      -  Mesh Sails by Qyv Inshan

Advanced - Fine Tuning You Boat
Problem Issues and Tricks

 Where you get your BWind BBK Boat

Tutorial Supplies Vendor - Hulls, Textures, Sculpties

E)    BBK Boat Map

A)    What BWind means to boat builders

This boat kit that you are using contains the legacy of thousands of hours of work by your fellow SL residences -- And your getting it free.

Kanker Greenacre
brought sailing to Second life and for years 100% of the sailboats in Second life (that were worth anything) were based on his VERY generous gift of the Tako 2.0  sail engine. Then Mothgirl Dibou came out with the Flying Fizz, and she reached a level of sailing in SL which has never been equaled -- before the great Linden Lag that brought everything to a halt. But I digress.

In 2009
Mothgirl Dibou set a new standard of generosity by releasing the Fizz Boat Building Kit. Within that kit contained very explicit instructions on how to build a sailboat using her engine. Much of her brilliant logic are contained inside this Build Your Own Boat for Dummies with sections borrowed. Like Kanker, her philosophy was to make all her hard work available and free to the sailing community.

Then along came Becca Moulliez who has worked almost constantly since April of 2009 until today (February 15th 2010) trying to understand the process of boat building. She was both inspired and encouraged by Mothgirl personally, by Kanker's legacy, and by others,and she seemed to have only one guiding principle, and that is to do as much as she can to make sailing in Second Life better and easier for boat builders.

If you are a boat builder what she has put in your hands is HUGE!

This engine is easy to understand -- even for none script people -- really. Its modifiable. And its the easiest to put into your boats and get you working quickly. Given the current conditions of lag in Second Life, it is also, in my opinion, the best engine out there.
-- Tasha Kostolany

B)    Getting Started - Intro & Tips
!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!
Always work on your boat with the boat facing East.

Where you want to start depends largely on your skill level, but I recommend you at least look at basic boat first.

There are two ways of building

     A)  Building your own hull and moving the BWind sail rigging over and attaching it.

      B) Building a new boat and taking copies of the scripts, sounds & animations over into the new boat you built.

If you already have built your boat hull -- skip to  Section 5

Where ever you start. Go step by step. Do not try to complete the whole thing in one go. You will make a little mistake, SL will mess up, you crash, or god knows what can happen and you have to start all over again.

After each completed step, of if you need to stop and take a brake -- rename the boat and take a copy back to your inventory. Something like:
MyBoat 1 (Basic Hull finished)
MyBoat 2 (Basic Hull Rigging sails added)
If you find out something is wrong (and you might), you can go back through your versions and see where it went wrong and fix it.

C)    Root prim
!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!

The Root Prim is the prim you select last when you link your boat. It is also the prim that shows up yellow when editing the linked boat. It is to become the center of rotation for the boat and should either be near the centerboard or mast.  Do not set it too high or too low, because it determines the waterline of the boat. If the boat is too low in the water, means the Root Prim is too high. Ideally it is located somewhere close to the waterline. The BWind boat's Root Prim is a transparent prim and is therefore easy to adjust the waterline of your boat -- pushing it up or down.

Create a new invisible Root Prim similar to the BWind's. Note -- The creator of the Root Prim determines the "creator" of the linked object. So make your own root prim unless you want Becca to show up as the creator of your boat.

It is also important that the root prim is facing East. To check this you open the mini-map. rotate your boat so its bow is facing east. Now edit the boat and check if the rotation of the Root Prim is <0,0,0>. If it isn't your boat will sail sideways or backwards, so you have to correct this before you move on.

D)    Understanding limitations
When Building (Prim Limit and Lag)
!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!
All vehicles in Second Life, including sailboats, are limited to only 32 prims using Physics. Builders have gotten around this by, first "attaching" the primmy decorative parts of the boat to the helmsman -- wearing them like clothes. Later, developments with sculptie prims let builders keep the entire boat intact and still have the amazing detail. Then Mesh was developed that gave even more options and allowed builders to go beyond the 32 prim limit using Mesh Physics but at the current time the Land Impact Costs seem to be prohibative.  

It is generally considered, at the present time, December, 2011, that the sculptie approach using prim physics, is the superior method but it is advanced. Build a basic boat before trying this or Mesh.

Lag is the bane of all boat builders. It's what causes boats to fly at sim crossing and most crashes. The causes of lag are believed to be, in short, too many scripts and too many prims. The prim portion of the problem is solved by the sculptie approach or Mesh.

The script part of the lag problem (and the more critical of the two) has been the toughest to solve until Becca Moulliez discovered a whole new way of thinking about the sail engines. She calls it presets. The script runs once and locks in a lot of the behavior of the boat so the script doesn't have to continually run routines. The BWind engine 1-37, is a very lean and stable script and has been tested heavily and at sim line crossings with great results.

Using BWind should help attached boats considerably in their performance, if you go that route.

Things to consider when you build:

1. Decide if  you are going to use Prim Physics or Mesh Physics.

Prim Physics will only let you use 32 prims in a physical boat or vehicle. Pose balls give you great control on where people sit but they require scripts to talk to the boat and scripts causes lag. You can get around pose balls by putting the sit animations in the prims of the boat itself, which frees up scares prims for boat details. The down side is that sit targets sometimes are confused and people find they are seated at different sit animations than they wanted.
Pros - Land Impact costs are much cheaper than Mesh Physics
Cons-  32 prim limit is limiting if you are building a detailed boat

Mesh Physics will let you build over 32 prims but the Land Impact costs (as of now) are pretty steep.
Pros - Lets you make exactly the boat you want to make with mesh, prims and sculpties
Cons- Land Impact costs can be prohibitive unless your build it well or set your own limits of what you can make.

2. Do not make the boat bigger than 32 meters. It has to fit within a 32 meter sphere with the root prim as center. This is for linking prims and script communication. -- you can have a sculptie or mega prim bigger than 32 meters but no moving parts beyond 32.

3. If you use an attachment (such as wearing part of the boat), make sure that all the necessary moving parts are NOT in the boat attachment you wear. This means all moving parts including sails, boom, sheets, rudder, steering wheel. And all pose balls or sit-targets, including the root prim, are the part you rezz to the water part or what we call the "vehicle".

!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!

Per Becca's Limited Use Agreement. Lock scripts (change to No Modify) before selling or giving your boat to other people

Build the boat to BWind step by step

1)    Basic - Boat Hull Building, Tutorial 1

This Tutorial takes about 1 hour and makes a simple Boat Hull. Go Here

2)   Basic -  Add Rigging & Sails from the BBK, Tutorial 2

This Tutorial takes maybe 1/2  hour and moves the rigging and sails from the BWind Boat to the Basic - Boat Hull. Go Here

3)   Basic -   Building a Curved Hull, Tutorial 3

This Tutorial takes about 1/2 hour and we make a boat using curved prims . Go Here

4)   Basic -  Texturing the Hull, Tutorial 4
This Tutorial takes about 1/2 hour and we learn how to customize the textures of our boat. Go Here

5)   Intermediate  -  Preparing Your Boat -- Transferring Scripts
In this tutorial we assume your boat hull (the prims), mast, and rigging are all pre-made -- we will look at transferring the BWind sail engine into your pre-made boat
A) Rezz both the BWind boat and your boat side by side both facing east. If you are using a COPY of an existing boat you can modify, then strip out all the scripts from:
i)   the root prim of the boat
ii)  the mainsail of the boat
iii) the boom of he boat
iv) the jib of the boat
You will have to do this by editing linked parts
Make sure the orientation of your root prim is <0,0,0>

B) Inside the BWind boat there are 6 different locations for the 8 scripts, 3 animations, and 1 sound. Refer to the BBK Boat Map if need be.

       1) root prim contents contains 5 items (prim id #5)
        "Becky's BBK"        script
"BWind_POSE"       script
"bbk_helmsman"    animation
"bbk_helmstack"     animation
"sailing"         sound

- Create a new temporary folder in your inventory and drag copies of these 5 items from the BWind boat into the inventory's folder
- Edit linked parts of your root prim and open contents of that root prim. Then drag the 5 items from inventory to your boats root prim contents.

2) MainSail, transfer the 1 script from the BWind boat Mainsail to your boat's Mainsail using the same method  (prim id #8)
"  script
       If later there are adjustments needed to the Mainsail prim see the "Sail" notecard".

3) If your boat has a Jib, transfer the 1 script from the BWind boat Jib sail to your boat's Jib using the same method (prim id #3)
"  script
     If later there are adjustments needed to the Jib sail prim, see the
"Sail" notecard

Boom, if you boat has one, there is 1 script, transfer the 1 script from the BWind boat boom to your boat's boom using the same method  (pim id #9)
            "BWind_BOOM"  script
    If later there are adjustments needed to the boom prim see the "Sail" notecard

5) Pose Ball for crew, There are 2 scripts and 1 animation inside (prim id #10). You can just unlink this from the BWind boat and move to your boat and re-link to your boat. Remember, the last prim touched will be your new root prim.
 "BWind_POSE"        script
 "BWind_POSEBALL"   script
"bbk_crewman"         animation
   We will adjust the sit poses later in the Helmsman and Crew notecard.

6) Bow wake, there is one script in the transparent  BWind Wake Emitter
prim (prim id #1). Like the Pose ball above, unlink this on the BWind boat and move to your boat and relink in the same way.
       "BWind_WAKE"      script

C) Congratulation you have completed the transfer of all the scripts, animations and sound into your new boat. Now the fun part.

Let's test it. Hop on board and type "raise" in open chat to raise the sails. If you did everything right, the script will come to life and you now are sailing your new boat. Sure, there are a lot of problems with where your avatar is sitting and maybe your sails are not lined up correctly. Not to worry. We will adjust those now

D) But first, save your boat renaming it first "myboat2 (Scripts from BBK  transferred)" and take a copy into inventory

E) Cleaning up.  Now that you cannibalized the BWind boat, go ahead and delete it so it won't get confused with the full complete copy you have in your inventory.

6)    Sails and Boom configuring
follow the instructions of Sails and Boom configuring notecard and then remember to re-name and take the boat into inventory, re-rezz it and test it.

7)    Helmsman and crew sit targets
follow the instructions of Helmsman and crew sit targets and then remember to re-name and take the boat into inventory, re-rezz it and test it.

    HUD, configuring
follow the instructions of the Hud configing  and then remember to re-name and take the boat into inventory, re-rezz it and test it.

   Configuring the Behavior of the Boat
follow the instructions of the Configuring the Behavior of the Boat and then remember to re-name and take the boat into inventory, re-rezz it and test it.

   The Finishing Touch (Particles, Commands, Messages)
follow the instructions of the The Finishing Touch and then remember to re-name and take the boat into inventory, re-rezz it and test it.

    Setting permissions and scripts
follow the instructions of the Setting permissions and scripts

    The Vendor

TYC  Boat Builders Skybox

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