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Koi Pond Winterdome Heater



System Components:
14” Dia. X 7” Tall  Acrylic Dome
w/UV Inhibitor and foam float ring.
25' Silicone tubing
2 Air Stones
1 Tubing T-connector
Set-up Instructions

Air Pump is optional ($40.00)
The pump has 2 air outlets and is capable of running one or two units.

Keep the electricity out of your pond.  By way of solar energy the dome will heat an area of the pond to keep a hole in the ice.  The aeration will help to eliminate the high concentrations of gases and keep the water oxygenated.  The air bubbles also keep the dome from freezing into the pond.  The only electricity consumed is to run the air pump, which is about 4 watts.  For large ponds we recommend using two units.  You can save  when purchasing 2 units.

Sales Contact: Scott M -  scott@tr-usa.com