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Available as a 2 wheel or 4 wheel alignment system.

The 4 wheel laser alignment system uses a unique 5 laser design for increased ease of use, which facilitates 4 wheel alignment check and adjustment for Toe-In, Toe-out angle and thanks to the 5 lasers Thrust angle as well.

The only product with dual mounting options; a simple to fit design that moves with the wheel, which does not need manual re-positioning of the gauge to keep it flush to the wheel rim after each adjustment.  

Alternatively by sitting the TrackBar flat on the floor it can be used on very low cars like the Westfield XTR which has only 65mm ground clearance.  Tested and used on a wide range of vehicles from low profile sports-cars, to 4x4s with large tyres.  The gauges rest on the wheel rim for accurate and consistent readings.

Made in UK, by hand.  Durable aluminium construction, covered by 12 months warranty.  

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Each TrackBar4 set has:
    2x TrackBars (one for each side of vehicle)
    2x Rear level measures (one for each rear wheel) 
    2x wheel contact methods (on wheel and floor)
    Detailed instructions

Also available as 2 wheel alignment version and Lite version, with single laser and therefore without Thrust angle adjustment, and a single mounting option

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Patent Application number: GB1310710.7