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Activity 3

Now it's time to begin using your Edublogs blog.  You may want to refer to the Getting Started with Edublogs handout we used earlier.

  • Login to your email and obtain your edublog login info. Click the login URL in the email to access your blog.
  • Once you have logged into your blog, go to Users to change your profile info, including password.  Also, fill in info for your About page here.
  • Go to Options to set time, change email, change title or description of blog.  
    • Although you cannot change the URL of your blog once it's created, you can change the title that appears on the page, as well as the tagline or description.
    • Change the time to reflect Georgia time by scrolling to Times in the weblog should differ by: and entering -4. 
    • You should NOT check the box next to Membership--if you do, no one will be able to post comments on your blog.
  • Change the way your blog looks by changing its template--all with just a couple of mouse clicks. Go to Presentation to view available templates and then have fun.
  • Go to Manage to edit or delete posts, create separate blog pages, create categories for posts, edit, delete, or moderate comments, review referrers and subscriptions. The Blogging in Wordpress resource by K. Boan is an excellent tool as you begin to use these aspects of your blog.
  • Go to Write to write a new post or to create and write a new page.
  • Go to Links to add Links and Link Categories to your blog.

By now, our time is surely up, and we've only just begun! What should you do next?