Vonage Voip Phone Service


What Do I need to get Vonage?

You must have a US or Puerto Rico shipping address.

You must have Broadband Internet Access. Pretty Simple

Vonage has several different levels of Service which includes two Residential plans and two Vonage Business plans.

Residential Premium Unlimited Phone Service

This service is $24.99 per month and includes Voice Mail Plus, Call Waiting, Caller ID with Name, Call Return, Enhanced Call Forwarding and 3 way calling. If you sign up on the Internet you can get a Free Vonage Phone Adapter. The Residential Premium service is also offering One Month of Vonage Service for Free with Internet Sign up.??

You can easily move your phone number to Vonage.

You get real time billing information. Anytime you want you can log onto your online account and see your usage and account balance.

The Residential Unlimited plan now has Unlimited International Calling plans available that offer a lot of options.

The International Options costs will be added on top of the $24.99 monthly Vonage Premium Phone service rate.

Basic Vonage World Plan,

Vonage Enhanced World Plan,

Vonage Call Europe Plan,

Vonage Call Asia Plan and

Vonage Call Mexico and Latin America Plan.

Residential Basic 500 minute plan.

$14.99 per month for the Basic Service which include 500 outgoing minutes and Unlimited incoming minutes.

Voice Mail Plus, Call Waiting, Caller ID with Name, Call Return, Enhanced Call Forwarding and 3 way calling are all included with the basic service also.

This Service is still less expensive than the Unlimited service as long as you use less than 750 minutes a month. $10.00/3.9=256 minutes.

Incoming call trick---If most of your calls are to and from your mother in another area code set your phone number up to be a local call in her area. Then she won't have to pay for long distance when she calls you.

911 Emergency Service

In order for Vonage 911 service to work you will need to register the address the phone is going to be used at. This is a simple form you will fill out after registering for Vonage.

Vonage Options

Add a Line
You can easily add an additional line to your Vonage Service.

Virtual Number
Add another phone number in another calling area. This way your mother can call you on a local number in her area.

Vonage Softphone
You can download Vonage software to your laptop and while traveling you can use your laptop as your phone when you have internet access. You can get around the high phone rates of the hotels by using your laptop to make calls.

Toll Free Plus
You can have your own 800 number for $4.99 per month and you get 100 incoming minutes before the 3.9 cents a minute kicks in.

Fax Line
You can add a dedicated Fax line to your service for $9.99 per month.

411 Enhanced Dialing
99 cents for phone number lookup in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico.

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