Vonage Call Asia Plan

Check out the Vonage Call Asia Plan and Save on your International Long Distance 

With The Unlimited Vonage Call Asia Plan if you have the Unlimited Premium service you can call any of these countries for an additional $10 per month. This makes your Vonage bill $34.99 per month for Unlimited long distance to any of these countries plus the United States and Canada for the less or barely more than a regular landline.

******Vonage Unlimited Call Asia Plan***
Australia, Bangladesh - Chittagong, Bangladesh - Dhaka (Dacca), China (including Mobile), Guam, Hong Kong (Including Mobile), Japan, Malaysia (except Johar - Bahru), New Zealand, Saipan (including Mobile), Singapore (including Mobile), South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand (including Mobile), Turkey - Ankara, Turkey - Istanbul (Asian Side), Turkey - Istanbul (European Side)

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