Voip and Prepaid Phones

What is Voip and how can it work with a prepaid phone? 

Voip and prepaid phones can work very well together. I have been using a prepaid cell phone for the last 3 years and I have spent more time talking on the phone than ever for less money. I use my cell phone for messages I use my landline at work and my Voip line at home for talking.

What is Voip?

Voip is Voice over Internet Protocol which means sending your phone call over the internet instead of over standard phone lines. I call it talking through my computer. When this technology was just starting you would hear wooowooos once in a while while talking. I have found the calls to be clearer than over my regular phone line.

Voip is kinda like a Prepaid Land Line

You do not need to have a land line to have Voip service. You need to have high speed internet access. Cable or Dsl will work fine. You probably won't have enough bandwidth to get Voip to work on dial up. Almost all voip services offer free long distance, Caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding and the other add ons that you pay a lot more for with a regular land line. It is kinda funny.

I use to use my phone line to get the internet with dial-up, now I use my internet access to get my phone service with Voip.

Most Voip services are bought on a yearly service not the monthly billing of your phone company. This makes it simpler for your. For example the service I currently use is from Skype. It is the most basic Unlimited service, it allows me to make unlimited calls anywhere in the US and Canada. It does not include a phone number so I cannot receive calls from regular phones. It costs $30 a year. Less than I was paying per month for my land line.


My home phone service is a Net10 LG 200c and Skype Unlimited.

Basic Voip Service can be very Inexpensive

I have the most basic Skype Unlimited service in the US for $30 a year paid in advance. Free unlimited local and long distance anywhere in the US and Canada. I use the cell phone for messages and Voip for talking.

Call ordinary phones anywhere in the world from your computer for the price of a local call with SkypeOut from www.skype.com.

Check out Voip 911 Calls . Often Voip services will not handle 911 calls.

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