Tracfone Prepaid VS Verizon Prepaid

Compare Prepaid Service from Tracfone and Verizon

Tracfone vs Verizon Prepaid

These two prepaid plans are very different.

Tracfone Prepaid is designed to be a simple pay per minute plan that is inexpensive if you do not use it but expensive if you use it much. Minutes on Tracfone range from 40 cents each to as low as 10 cents each. If you buy a $50 doubler card, all the minutes you buy will be double.

Tracfone Wireless vs Verizon Activation fees

Tracfone does not have an activation fee.

Verizon Prepaid Inpulse has a $25 to $35 activation fee.

Roaming Tracfone vs Verizon

Another issue is roaming. Tracfone is a MVNO which means it does not have a network. They buy minutes from all the major cell phone networks. You can roam to different areas and if it weren't for the little sign on your screen telling you you are roaming you wouldn't even know.

With Verizon it is really expensive for you to roam off the Verizon Network. 69 cents a minute is huge.

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