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Compare Tracfone vs T-Mobile Prepaid Phone Plans 


T-Mobile like Tracfone has a simple Prepaid Cell phone plan. They have a graduated rate depending on how much you spend. Tmobile also has a 15% bonus (Gold Level) after you have spent $100 on minutes. You get instant Gold level Status as soon as you add a $100 refill.

T-Mobile Rates

$10 for 30 minutes (33 each) or 35 minutes (28.5 each) after Gold Level has been reached.

$25 for 130 minutes (19.2 each) or 150 minutes (16.66 each) after Gold Level.

$50 for 400 minutes (12.5 each) or 460 minutes (10.7 each) after Gold Level.

$100 for 1000 minutes (10 cents each) and you are at Gold Level for this phone.

Once you reach T-Mobile Gold Level for a phone your minutes will not expire for a year. Before you reach Gold level your minutes will expire in 90 days. As long as you keep your phone active your minutes will roll over.

T-Mobile Motorola Razr, Tracfone Motorola W370, and the Net10 LG CG 225

This Picture shows the T-Mobile Motorola Razr, Tracfone Motorola W370, and the LG CG 225.

Tracfone Rates

$20 for 60 minutes (33 each minute) (16.5 doubler)and 90 days activity.

$30 for 120 minutes (25 each minute) (12.5 doubler)and 90 days activity.

$40 for 200 minutes (20 each minute) (10 doubler) and 90 days activity.

Tracfone sells a doubler card usually for $50 that doubles the minutes you put into that phone for the life of the phone.

One Year 400 minute card (25 each minute) (12.5 doubler) for $100.

One year 800 minute (17.5 each) and doubler card $140.

At the website you can often get a free phone with the purchase of the one year card or the One Year and doubler card. Buy a LG 225 at TracFone and get double minutes for the life of the phone! This deal is available from the Tracfone website. With the value of the doubler card figured in this makes this one of the best Tracfone deals.

Tracfone Strategy

If you know you are going to use your tracfone a bit I recommend buying the doubler card and installing it before you use the Tracfone cell phone.

Tracfone Phones vs T-Mobile Phones

The phones offered by Tracfone include the LG 200, LG cg 225, Motorola W370, Motorola C139, Motorola C261, Motorola V170, and the Nokia 1100. All of these phones are basic no frills phones. Only the Motorola C261 and the Lg 225 are camera phones and they are fairly basic phones. None offer Bluetooth or Fm radio or Mp3 players at this time.

T-Mobile offers basic phones for prepaid like the Nokia 6030, Nokia 2610, Samsung Stripe with Bluetooth, and More. Any T-Mobile GSM phone can be used as a T-Mobile To Go Prepaid Cell phone. Almost any GSM unlocked phone will work for To Go. You can Purchase an unlocked Razr, Krzr, Razr2, as long as it is a GSM model and unlocked and you should be able to get it to work.

T-Mobile To Go prepaid has several phone options for Prepaid that are nicer phones than that Tracfone offers.

T-Mobile Purchase Strategy.

With the more expensive phones for prepaid T-Mobile offers a free $25 Minute card when you order online. The more expensive T-Mobile phones may cost less than basic phones after the $25 phone card.

I would recommend buying a $100 minute card and adding that to your phone first. This gives you one year of activation time and then when you put in the $25 card you get Gold Level minutes. You will use the minutes eventually and the benefit of having the one year of activation and Gold Level status when adding minute cards.

Free camera phone

T-Mobile vs Tracfone Prepaid Roaming

T-Mobile Prepaid phones will not roam, they will not work in areas where T-Mobile does not provide service.

Tracfone phones roam. Tracfone has deals with every major cell phone network to allow their phones to roam. Most of the newer Tracfones and all of the GSM Tracfones do not charge extra for roaming. The GSM Tracfones work on both the T-Mobile network and the AT&T (Cingular) networks. Buy a LG 225 at TracFone and get double minutes for the life of the phone!

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