Tracfone vs Net10 Lg 200c

Check out our Tracfone vs Net10 Lg 200c comparison. 

The Tracfone and the Net10 Lg 200c phones will both work on the exact same network. Your coverage will be the same because the underlying company is the same.

 What you get for your money will be quite different. We are going to spend a total of $110 on each of the phones and get as much service as possible.

Let us Compare

Net10 Lg 200c

From the Net10 website 4/18/2008 was $49.99 including free shipping. It was $59.97 at my local Walmart tonight, ten dollars cheaper online usually. This phone comes with 300 minutes and 60 days activation. We are also going to buy two $30 cards which will bring us up to $110.

We get 180 days of service and 900 minutes for $110 plus a new LG 200c from Net10.

Tracfone Lg 200c

From the website the phone is $29.99. I then have different options that have different payoffs.

Buy $79.95 450 minute card and activate the phone. I get 60 days service when I activate the phone. There are bonus codes that will get you an extra 60 to 100 minutes with this card. I get 150 days service and 450 to 550 minutes for $110 from Tracfone.

Buy two $29.99 120 minute 90 day cards and one $19.99 60 minute 90 day card. I should be able to get at least 100 bonus minutes using bonus codes. 350 days of service and 300 plus 100 bonus minutes for $110 from Tracfone.

The only way the Tracfone LG 200c is the best deal is if you are only going to use the phone for emergency.


The Net10 LG 200c Phone is a Much Better Deal

You get six months of service and 900 minutes and a phone for $110. Compare this with a contract service where you are still filling out your credit report. deal on the LG 200c is a lot cheaper to use.

Both Net10 and Tracfone have no Activation fee, no hidden costs, buy the phone buy the minutes and use it Simple. No penalties for quitting your service, No big bills at the end of the month.

Tracfone DMFL

Tracfone offers DMFL (Double Minutes for Life) on several of their phones. When you compare a Tracfone with DMFL to the Net10 phone it is a much better comparison. With the LG 200c you will have to pay $50 to add the DMFL to your phone which, it still leaves Net10 a much better deal. I do not recommend buying a DMFL card. You can usually buy a nice Tracfone with DMFL included for $50. I compared the Motorola W370 with Tracfone DMFL to the Net10 W370 check it out.

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