Tracfone vs Alltel U

Compare Tracfone vs Alltel U Prepaid, What has Alltel done to improve their Prepaid Cell phone Offers.

Alltel U vs Tracfone prepaid used to be a no brainer. The inital attempt Alltel made in prepaid phones was poor. Alltel has made a major commitment to Prepaid with the latest Alltel U Prepaid plans. In most of the world outside of the United States most cell phones are prepaid.

Tracfone has a simple Prepaid cell phone plan. You buy a phone, activate it and then you adds phone cards. The phone cards come with both minutes and activity time. The minutes cost between 20 cents and 40 cents depending on the size of the card you buy.??

Pay-per-Month Alltel

This Plan is almost like a regular contract plan without the long term contract.

$29.95 for 200 anytime minutes and 1000 night and weekend minutes.

$39.99 for 400 anytime minutes and 2000 nights and weekends

$69.99 for 700 anytime minutes, Unlimited Nights and weekends and Unlimited Text Messages.

The advantages to this Pay per Month plan over a contract plan is you do not have to sign a contract, have your credit checked, and you can start it or end it whenever you want. Also minutes over your plan cost 10 cents with the prepaid while minutes over your plan with the contract plans cost 40 cents a minute--ouch--.

The disadvantages are the nicer phones will cost more to buy for prepaid, you will get fewer minutes for the same money with Prepaid plan.

Alltel U Prepaid Fine Print

All plans have a $35 activation fee. Picture or video messages are 25 cents each on all of the plans. Checking Voice Mail will reduce your account balance. 59 cents per minute roaming --ouch---

Alltel has the best selection of prepaid phones.

The Motorola Razor,

As recently as 2005 you could barely get a prepaid phone that you weren't embarassed to be seen using. Big clunky candy bar style phone with no options.

Tracfone vs Alltel U Prepaid Summary Review

Of the three Alltel U plans the Pay per Day has the most advantages. You can adjust your use to you plan. For 75 cents per day less than $25 per month you can have contiuous contact through texting and unlimited nites and weekends. You could supply this as a workphone and have unlimted calls to the office (one number) and any other useage the employee pays for. You cannot end up with a $500 phone bill after the fact. No suprises.

The main advantage of the Alltel Basic plan vs Tracfone is the ability to use the same phone if you decide to use the other Alltel plans.

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