Tracfone Motorola W375 Camera Phone

The New Tracfone Motorola W375 from Net10 

Tracfone has introduced the Motorola W375 at

This is the best phone Tracfone and Net10 have yet offered. This phone has almost the same feel as the Razr with the same style of keyboard. It is thicker and a little bit narrower than the Razr. It is identical to the W370 with the addition of a camera. It has a really solid feel in your hand.

Motorola W375 from Net10

The Moto W375 from Net10 is a Single rate phone. No extra charges for Long Distance within the United States and No roaming charges either.

Moto W375 Features

Camera on the Tracfone Motorola W375

One of the few camera phones offered by NET10. The W375 is a VGA camera.

Test messaging
The W375 works very well as a texting phone. The "Chin" where the phone is deeper below the keyboard makes it easier to hold onto with one hand and text. NET10 charges .5 units to send and receive for texting.

FM Radio
This is kinda a handy feature. You have to have an earpiece or headphone to use it. The W375 uses the wire from the earpiece for the antenna. You can play the radio over the speaker in the W375 or the earpiece but the radio will not work without the earpiece hooked up. The plugin for the earpiece is on the right side of the phone opposite the power plug in.

Alarm Clock
The Alarm clock is easy to use and handy.

External Ringtone Buttons
If your phone is ringing in your pocket you can push either of the volume adjustment keys on the side of the phone to silence your ringer. With the phone open you can adjust the volume by pushing the upper (higher) or lower (lower) keys

Nice Solid Feel

Many prepaid cell phones do not have a solid feel in your hands. The W375 fits well and is comfortable to dial and text with just one hand.

One Touch Dialing
You can set up Nine different one touch phone numbers. Once set up you push and hold down the "1" key for 5 seconds and your number one speedial phone number will be dialed. This is a really handy feature.

Hands Free Speakerphone
The hands free speakerphone is handy. You can talk while driving on it though I think it is safer to use a headset. Combined with the one touch dialing you can easily get things accomplished while driving or sitting in traffic.

International Calls from NET 10

For International calls you need to set your Net10 Phone up for it, and it costs an extra 1/2 unit per minute (total of 15 cents per minute international calls). To set up your Net Ten phone to call go to the Net10 Website and select the Int"L Long Distance link on the home page. You will be asked to put in your phones Serial number. Then you will be given instructions on how to call your international number.

NET10 Has the Motorola W375 First

This is the first phone that Net10 has offered before it was offered to Tracfone customers. Tracfone and NET10 are sister companies with different Prepaid cell phone rates. Tracfone and NET Ten are the only Cell phone companies offering a phone in every Zip code in the United States.

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