Tracfone Minutes How to Buy them

Tracfone Minutes, The Best Way to Buy and use Tracfone Minutes

I have several recommendations on how to buy Prepaid Tracfone Minutes.

You can purchase phone cards anywhere such as Best Buy, Safeway, Wal-Mart, Staples, or K-Mart but I recommend buying from the web site for a couple of reasons.

Do Not buy TracFone Minutes Cards

Often at the Tracfone web site you can purchase a phone and get more minutes than if you buy a card. There is a special that Tracfone has run several times where for $20 you get two $20 phone cards and a free refurbished phone. This special when available is only available in the Buy Phones section. If you go to the buy airtime section of the web site you will pay full price for the phone cards.

Motorola W370, Nokia 1600, and the LG CG225 from Tracfone.
Picture of Motorola W370, Nokia 1600, and the LG CG225 from Tracfone.

Do Not put a lot of Minutes on your Tracfone

I do not recommend putting a lot of TracFone Minutes on your phone for a couple of reasons. If your phone is lost, stolen or broken you will have a hard time getting all of your stolen minutes on a new phone from Tracfone. Also I have found when I have a lot of minutes on my phones I use a lot more minutes.

Do not buy the one year Tracfone plan.

I do not feel the One Year Tracfone Plan is a good deal for most people. Again if your phone is lost or stolen you will have a hassle getting Tracfone customer service to transfer these benefits to your next phone. If you use Tracfone Bonus codes and buy your minutes on special you can usually get a lot more activation time and or TracFone Minutes for your money than you get with the one year plan.

Picture of the Tracfone W376 cell phone next to Net10 W375 and Nokia 1600

Tracfone Motorola W376 cell phone next to Net10 W375 and Nokia 1600.

Do Not Buy a Tracfone without DMFL

Buy The Doubler Card already on the phone, even if you only use 100-200 minutes per month you are probably better off buying a Tracfone with the doubler card. The card will cost you $50 but you can buy the Motorola W370 with doubler for $50. If you live in CDMA territory then you can purchase the LG 3280 with the doubler already installed for $50. If you are absolutely certain you will use less than 70 minutes per month you can purchase a TracFone without the DMFL. Otherwise you are much better off spending a little bit more on a phone with the DMFL (double minutes for life).

Tracfone Motorola W370 and Lg 225

Both the Motorola W370 and the Lg cg225 phones now always come with DMFL (double minutes for life). These phones are the nicest phones offered by Tracfone. Usually the price of the phone will be about the same as you will pay to add DMFL to your current phone. I recommend you buy the nicer phone with DMFL included. Buy a LG 225 phone at TracFone and get $30 off, plus double minutes, an accessory kit and free shipping!

Using over 400 Tracfone Minutes per Month?

If you will use over 400 minutes per month look closely at getting a contract phone from Verizon, Cingular, T-Mobile. The critical thing about buying a Contract Cell Phone is that you are with the same carrier as the people you talk to the most. My son talks over 1000 minutes most months but has never gone over his 450 minutes because all of his friends are on Verizon and he has the free "In Network" calling.


If you use over 200 minutes in a month look closely at buying a Net10 cell phone which has a lower cost per minute. Net10 pay as you go is owned by Tracfone Cellular.

Buy the Two Phone Cards and Free Phone for $19.95.

With your first purchase, buy 3 phones with the two 60 minute cards each from the website. This is the best deal you can get from Tracfone. This will give you time to get used to your Tracfone. Do not worry about the extra phones, the cheapest way to buy minutes is the two 60 minute cards for $20. After a month or two you will know if it will work for you.

When you have used up all of your cards you can reevaluate your phone usage. If you talk a lot on a cell phone it is really expensive on a prepaid phone. It is a bit cheaper if you talk a lot to use a Net10 Phone.

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