The latest LG 600g Tracfone now with Bluetooth and free shipping from Tracfone.

The latest Tracfone LG 600g with Bluetooth phone review by Tracfone Tips.  This phone is a GSM phone that is only being sold by Tracfone and Net10 in areas where AT&T has good coverage.

Lg 600g From Net10, Lg 225, Motorola C261 Camera Phones from Tracfone 

 The LG 600, LG 225 and Motorola C261 Camera Phones from

How Tracfone Prepaid works

Tracfone is a Prepaid cell phone company.  You buy the phone, activate it and then add minutes.  You can purchase minutes either from the website or from a phone card.  The phone cards are available at over 70,000 retail stores across the US.  It is very simple.  

Tracfone Minutes

Tracfone has several options on buying minutes.  The smaller cards cost more per minute and the more expensive cards give you more minutes per dollar.  Tracfone often has Bonus codes you can add when you are adding minute cards that will get you free minutes.

Tracfone 600g Texting

Text messaging with the Tracfone LG 600g with Bluetooth will cost .3 units per text to receive and send.  

DMFL from Tracfone

Tracfone has a new program called Unlimited Double Minutes for Life (DMFL).  This is normally an extra $50 to add to your phone but it comes standard on most of the more expensive phones.  It comes standard on the LG 600g.  Buy a  Tracfone LG 600 from and get DMFL and free shipping.

Tracfone LG 600g with Bluetooth 

The Bluetooth capabilities of this phone seems to be very limited.  I was able to pair this phone to an Acura but the phone would not recieve or send call through the Acura Bluetooth system.  I know the Acura's Bluetooth system was working correctly because it was pairing just fine with another phone.  The phone and the car could recognize each other just not work together.  This is the same thing that  the Bluetooth Motorola W376 does.  It will easily pair with a headset but evidently it is blocked from pairing with anything else.

Dual Screens

The LG 600g has a nice sized inner screen and a nice external screen.  The external screen is really handy because you do not have to open your phone to see who is calling.  If you have the caller in your phonebook the callers name will show up in the external screen.  If not the phone number of the caller will show up.

External Ring Volume Adjustments

You can adjust the ring volume up and down with the little buttons on the outside of the phone.  Also if you push either button just once with the phone closed the external screen will light up.  The phone comes set with the Time and Date showing on this screen.   It works great as a pocket watch. 

Downloading Pictures to your computer from the Tracfone LG 600g

You cannot link from your LG 600 directly to your computer.  There is not a USB or Mini USB port on this phone to download pictures to your computer.  The Bluetooth capability seems to be limited by Tracfone to only work with  Bluetooth headsets.  

LG 600g from Net10/Tracfone with Charger
LG 600g phone from Net10 or Tracfone and wall charger

USB ports

There is not a USB port on the LG 600g.

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