Tracfone LG 1500 GSM

Another Tracfone Single Rate Flip Phone the GSM LG 1500

Another new phone available from Tracfone is the LG GSM 1500. This is a nice small flip phone. This phone will work on the Cingular network (at&t) and also the T-mobile network. As are all GSM Tracfones this phone is a Single Rate Track Phone.

Tracfone Double Displays

This is one of the few tracfone flip phones to have double displays. It has a color screen on the cover so you do not have to open your phone to check who is calling. If you set it up to show the time your external display will show the time of day. This feature alone is handy enough that I would buy this phone if it worked in my area. Currently the only other flip phone that Tracfone offers with an external screen is the GSM LG CG225 with DMFL.

Free Phone Offer 300X250

The LG 1500 is one of the best Tracfones ever offered. In my opinion if you are going to carry this phone with you for a couple of years the extra $20 to $40 that you will pay for this phone will be more than worth it. It will be available soon at

However if it does not come with DMFL I would not recommend buying it . The Double Minutes for Life makes using a Tracfone much less expensive. Other phones in the same price range come with DMFL and are better bargains.

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