Tracfone Kyocera K126C Review

The New Tracfone Kyocera K126C Review

The Tracfone Net10 Kyocera K126C is a new candy bar style CDMA Phone. This phone will only be sold in areas of the United States that Both Cingular and T-Mobile do not have coverage. This phone is currently the least expensive phone from either NET10 or Tracfone for CDMA areas. Get a Motorola phone + 300 minutes for just $49.99 from Net10!

The K126c is often on saler from for as low as $14.99 with 20 minutes included. It is often available from Net10 Wireless for $29.95 or $39.95 but this also includes 300 minutes.

The Kyocera K126C is a very basic prepaid phone but if all you want is to talk a little, text a little, and to keep phone numbers in your phone it can work great.

Kyocera K126c from Tracfone.

The New almost Free Tracfone K126c

This phone will work on the Verizon, US Cellular and Alltel networks. Tracfone has contracts with all the major Cell phone networks in the US.

If an area has coverage by Verizon, Alltel, At&t and T-Moble Tracfone will sell you a phone that works on the AT&T network. This indicates to me that the best deal Tracfone gets is when it sets the phone up on the AT&T network.

It can be handy when traveling if you have phones on different networks. I currently have active a phone on the AT&T network and one on the Verizon network. Buy a LG 225 at TracFone and get double minutes for the life of the phone!