Tracfone Extended Phone Warrantee

Is the Tracfone Extended Warrantee a good deal?

The Tracfone Extended Phone warrantee is actually a pretty good deal.

If you paid the real price for the phone the warrantee would be a pretty good deal. Tracfone sells phones for less than they pay for them hoping you will spend enough on minutes through time to make a profit on the phone. This is much like the old Poloroid theory on give away the Camera and make big money on the film.

Do Not buy the Extended Tracfone Warrantee

I do not reccommend buying the $19.99 warrantee. The warrantee on all new and refurbished Tracfones is one year. The Extended warrantee adds one year to your warrantee but most phones if you have carried them daily for a year you are ready to be replaced anyway.  Get the Best deal on a Tracfone at

Tracfone Doubler Card

The reason Tracfone now sells the doubler card that is only good on one phone--it normally cannot be transfered--is so you value the phone more.

Tracfone Wireless could have just lowered the price of the minutes or upped the price of the phone. The doubler card does both. For $50 you get to buy minutes for half price all the time.

Since you can buy a new Tracphone for $20 anytime you want most people do not value it much. When they install a $50 doubler card then the phone has more value.

It is easier for Tracfone to sell the phones cheap and then sell you an upgrade (the doubler card) than to lower the price of the minutes and raise the price of the phone.

Buy the $50 Tracfone Doubler Card

If you use your phone more than 50 minutes per month you are much better off to buy a new phone with doubler card. Buy a Tracfone  with Doubler card at

Tracfone and NET10

When Tracfone started NET10 they charged a lot more for the NET10 phones than for Tracfone phones but less for the minutes. Tracfone and NET10 are the same company. With Net10 the minutes are always 10 cents a minute. If NET10 works in your area it is usually a better Cell phone deal than Tracfone. NET10 phones are now almost as inexpensive as Tracfone phones and they come with 300 minutes and 60 days activity.

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