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How to deal with Net10 and Tracfone Customer Service

Tracfone Customer Service for Prepaid cell phones can be a problem. It is handled by Customer service companies in South America. Human customer service is expensive to offer and when you are paying $20 for a phone how extensive of customer service can you expect? I have always been successful in dealing with Tracfone Customer Service but sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes it takes a Long Time.

Before you call Net10 Or Tracfone Customer Service

  • Try to fix the problem first. Turn off your phone and turn it on again. If it has to do with getting minutes added to your phone, leave it for a couple of hours before calling. Sometimes it takes a while for the added minutes to show up.

  • Write down your phone serial number, phone number, Tracfone or NET10 toll free number. I have written these numbers down on the back of a business card that I carry in my wallet. It makes it easier than trying to read the phone serial number out of the phone.

  • Tracfone Customer serivice Toll free number 1-800-867-7183.

  • NET10 Toll free customer Service 1-877-836-2368.

  • Use a land line, if you call these numbers from your cell phone you will be charged for the minutes used.

Moto C139, C261 Camera Phone, LG 3280

Tracfone or Net10 Motorola C139 (left) Motorola C261 Camera phone (center)
LG 3280 Right

  • Take a Patience Pill.
    I normally sit down in front of the TV or with a magazine because it often times takes 30 minute to 2 hours to solve simple problems with NET10 or Tracfone Customer Service.

  • The Tracfone Customer service reps are all from outside the United States. Most of the CS reps speak English as their second language. Everything they do is fully scripted from their computer screen. They are reading and listening for your response.

  • Do Not get MAD. Sometimes you will find it hard to understand what the CS rep is saying. They are not allowed to answer questions without a response from their computer screen.

  • Call back and be patient. Sometimes I have had to call back because of a bad phone connection, or the Customer Service rep could not help me. Sometimes the CS rep will disconnect you. Persist.

  • I have always been able to cure my problem with Tracfone Customer service but sometimes it takes quite a while.

Good Luck and be patient.

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