Tracfone Camera Phone

Tracfone is now offering: 

Motorola C261 Camera Phone

LG CG225 Camera Phone

LG 600g Camera Phone with Bluetooth

Motorola W376g Camera Phone with Bluetooth

Tracfone has recently started offering Camera cell phones.

The Tracfone Camera phones are only available in certain areas of the US. If you live in an area that is well covered by AT&T (Cingular) then Tracfone will offer the Camera phones in your zip code.

Tracfone Moto W370, Motorola c261, LG 3280
Tracfone Motorola W370, Moto C261 Camera phone, LG 3280

The new LG CG225 is also a Tracfone Camera Phone. This is a picture of the back of the LG 225 with the back off. You can see the Sim Card installed and the battery ready to install. Also notice this is the first Tracfone in a long time that has dual displays. You can check the time or who is calling without opening your phone. Get a FREE Tracfone camera phone when you purchase a double minute prepaid card

LG cg225 camera phone

This picture shows the LG 225 Camera phone.

Web Surfing

The Motorola C261 and LG 225 have the capability to search the web. Tracfone has limited this ability so you can only search a few sites. Web surfing will cost you one unit to start and then .5 units per minute while surfing. Get a FREE Motorola camera phone when you purchase a double minute prepaid card.

Motorola C261 camera phone.
Moto W370, Motorola C261 Camera phone, Tracfone LG 3280.

Pictures on the Moto C261

You can take pictures with your Tracfone Camera phone but you must send by phone to get them to your computer. You cannot download them to your computer. There is not a mini usb port and the phone is not bluetooth capable to wirelessly send them to your computer.

My Motorola C261 has storage for about 40 pictures. You cannot add storage to your Motorola C261.

Motorola C261 is One Rate

The GSM Moto C261 is a one rate cellular phone so you will not pay for roaming when you are not in your local area. Any call you make Anywhere in the US is one unit per minute. Camera phone technology now available at TracFone!

Texting with a C261

Tracfone charges .3 units for receiving and sending Text Messages on the Motorola C261. This is quite an improvement over the .5 units per text on many of the other tracfones.

Tracfone International Calls

Tracfone also allows you to make International phone calls for the same one unit per minute rate. You need to set your Tracfone up at the Tracfone website to make international calls but that is easy. The same rate for international calls as local calls with Tracfone.

Tracfone Tip Camera phone

Tracfone is a MVNO

Tracfone is a MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator. This means they do not own a cell network but they buy minutes from other Cell phone companies. The largest group of phones they sell are GSM phones that work on the Cingular and T-mobile network. Tracfone offers cell phones in every zip code in the US.

Tracfone is the largest prepaid pay as you go cell phone operator in the United States with over 6 million customers. They primarily specialize in basic phones for voice and texting. Tracfone is pretty expensive to use per minute (the minutes are cheaper if you buy in larger denominations.) Get FREE DMFL when you purchase the LG 225c camera phone from the web site.  DMFL (double minutes for Life) means anytime you put a minute card onto your phone you will get twice the minutes stated on the card. 

Tracfone and Net10

Tracfone and Net10 are sister companies. The Net10 rates are ten cents a minute all the time. Usually NET10 is a better pay as you go deal than Tracfone. Check NET10 out at the website.

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