Tracfone Back to School Specials

Where to get your Tracfone for Back to School

For 2008 the Tracfone Back to School Specials are great. 

Any Tracfone ordered from the website will be shipped for free.

At TracFone, get FREE SHIPPING for Back to School on offers of $19.99 or more!

The new Motorola C261 camera phone is an extra $10 off.  Check out both of these specials

Save $10 on a Motorola C261 phone at TracFone

 It is really interesting.  The Motorola C261 camera phone when Tracfone first started selling it was $89.95.  They are now $29.99.  They are selling more and more of them and they are getting cheaper.  I believe what has happened is the people who buy and use the C261 are spending more money on minutes than people who are buying the less featured phones. 

Tracfone Bluetooth LG 600G, LG cg 225 camera phone and the Motorola C261 camera phone.

Tracfone Bluetooth LG 600G, LG cg 225 camera phone and the Motorola C261 camera phone.

Tracfone loses money selling phones

I am certain that when Tracfone buys and programs the cell phones they sell they pay more for them than they are selling them for.  Where they make it up is when you buy the doubler card $50 and when you buy minutes.  The C261 was Tracfone's first experiment with a little more expensive phone and pictures.  This follows the old Polaroid idea of giving away the camera and making a lot of money on the film.  It appears that Tracfone Camera phone users are more profitable so Tracfone is trying to sell more Camera phones. You will usually have the most selection of phones and the best deal offered at the website.

Tracfone Back to School Specials

The back to school specials can make it easier for you to keep in contact with your student.  Be careful though, if your student talks a lot on the phone it will cost a lot to keep it loaded.  What a Tracfone works well for is getting messages.  If you want to use one to talk the 10 to 20 cents per minute add up really fast. 

Tracfone DMFL

Be sure to get a phone with Double minutes for life (DMFL) that TracFone is now offering.  When you add minutes to a phone with DMFL you always get twice the number of minutes that are on the card.  Often you can purchase a new phone wilth DMFL for less than it costs for the DMFL card to add to your old phone.

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