Ten Dollar a Month Tracfone

Tracfone Prepaid Cell phone service for ten dollars a month.  Is this the best monthly prepaid cell phone plan? 

The Ten dollar a month Tracfone deal is now available. You can now sign up for the Tracfone Value plan and get one month service and 50 minutes automatically added to your phone every month. You can sign up for the Tracfone Value Plan with a credit card, debit card or your checking account. If you have a doubler card added to your phone you will get 100 minutes for the $10 monthly charge.

$15 a month Net10

Net10 is the sister company to Tracfone. They are owned by the same company but they have significantly different rates. Minutes always cost you 10 cents or less with Net10. Net10 will cost you at least $15 a month because the smallest amount you can put in is $30 and it will only give you 60 days of service. 

Net10 and Tracfone

The Service is exactly the same for the two companies just the price is different. You will not need to buy a doubler card to get the 10 cent minutes with your Net10 phone. Usually the NET10 phone will be ten to twenty dollars more expensive than buying the Tracfone phone. I believe for most people the Net10 deal is a better deal than Tracfone. The only people that do better with Tracfone is if you only use your phone for emergencies.Get a Motorola phone + 300 minutes for just $49.99 from Net10!

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