T-Mobile kidConnect

T-Mobile kidConnect Prepaid/Contract phone plan 

The New T-Mobile kidConnect Prepaid/Contract phone plan is a cross between a contract plan and a prepaid plan. You cannot spend more than you have credits to use.

T-Mobil kidConnect costs $19.95 for 100 minutes and unlimited T-mobile network access. Once the 100 minutes are used up you can still call anyone on the T-Mobile network but you cannot make any other calls unless you add more minutes. This is the best of both worlds Contract and prepaid.

Children's Cell Phone

Are you afraid of your child using $100 or more worth of minutes on your Post paid plan? I have a friend whose son ran up a $1500 bill on his/her Verizon cell phone plan one month. He met a girl in Canada online and they talked over $1500 in just over a month on his cell phone before mom got her bill. T-Mobile kid Connect might be the answer.

Free Phone

T-Mobile kidConnect

You need to have a T-Mobile contract account in good standing to attach this phone plan.

You can use any T-mobile phone. If your old T-mobil phone still works you can use it.

You can use this with your spouse. If one of you rarely uses the cell phone except to talk to you or other T-Mobile users you might be able to get a cheaper plan with two phones on it this way.

You will have to sign a contract for this phone plan and there is a $200 charge to end the program early.--Ten month penalty---ouch--.

You might start off with a Prepaid plan and if that is working then move to this plan which allows unlimited calls to other T-Mobile users.

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