Skype Unlimited

Skype Unlimited Calling in the US and Canada for $29.95 per Year! 

The Skype Unlimited Voip Phone plan is pretty simple. In the United States the subscription costs $29.95 per year. You get unlimited phone calls to any landline or cell phone all 50 United States and Canada. It is a no frills basic outgoing VoIP phone from your computer. You do not get a phone number with this service so you can only call out. If the person you are talking to has a Skype account they can contact you.

American Territories not included in the free calling area for Skype Unlimited. This does not include free calling to US territories such as Puerto Rico, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Guam.

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You can use a normal land line phone with Skype Unlimited.  You will have to get a Skype adapter to hook to your phone to use your regular land line phone with Skype.

911 calling is not included with Skype so I recommend putting your address and the local police phone number on the handset of the phone.  This would include the area code. 

Forwarded Voip Calls

The Skype Unlimited service does not include forwarded calls through your phone. You will be charged per minute charges on forwarded calls from your Skype phone.

I currently Subscribe to Skype and I love it. I have a Net10 cell phone and I do not have a land line at home. I have been spending more time at home and have been burning a lot of minutes at 10 cents each. I purchased Skype Unlimited and I like it a lot. I have in one month used enough minutes on Skype Unlimited to justify the $30 yearly subscription.

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