Net10 Nokia 1600

Check out the Nokia 1600 GSM Net10 Phone

The Net10 Nokia 1600 is a new phone that Net10 is heavily promoting. It is another one of their basic candybar style phones.

This is the Nokia 1600 Refurbished with Sim Card, Net10 Card, Box,

Free Prepaid Cell Phone

With Net10 you will pay $30 to get a phone card which will give you 300 minutes and two months of prepaid phone service. However from the Net10 website you will be able to buy phones for as little as $20. {All|The|All refurbished and new|All new} Net10 phones from come with 300 minutes and sixty days of service. This is effectively a $30 phone card. Any Net10 phone you purchase that is $30 or less is a Free Prepaid Cell Phone.