NET10 Easy Minutes.

Easy Minute Plans by Net10 are a simple way to keep your Service active. 

The new Net10 Easy Minutes Plan is a great way to keep your Net10 service active. If you sign up for Easy Minutes for $15 per month your phone will stay active as long as you don't use all your minutes. The Net10 Website will charge your checking account or charge card every month and post the minutes and time to your phone.

NET10 Easy Minute Options

The Easy Minute options are $15, 150 minutes per month, $25, 250 minutes per month, $40, 400 minutes per month, and $75, 1000 minutes per month. You get one month activity time with your Easy Minutes plan. I believe the best part of the plan is the $75, 1000 minute deal. I would not buy the $40 or $25 per month plan unless I was probably going to use that many minutes most months. You are better off to put in $30 cards and get 60 days of activity time than the $40 or $25 and one month activity time.

Motorola W370, Moto Razr.

Motorola NET10 W370 on the left next to the Moto Razr on the right.
The W370 is one of the finest new Phones from NET10.

Cancel "NET10 Easy Minutes"any time with no penalties.

You can sign up for Easy Minutes, buy the 1000 minutes for $75 and then cancel Easy Minutes and go back to buying Net 10 Phone cards. With the Phone cards you can get 60 days for $30.

My Net10 Strategy

I normally use about 200 minutes a month. I normally have a 300 minute card on my desk all the time. When I get below 100 minutes I add my card and the next time I am at the store I pick up anther card. I normally run out of minutes before I run out of activation time.

This is real simple low stress way of handling my Net10 phone. I have my phone number on business cards and I do not want to let my service expire and lose my number.

My Net10 Experience

My father was sick a while back and I didn't have a land line phone at home at the time [I now use Skype Unlimited for home service]. I went through 600 minutes a month for a couple of months. This gave me an extra 10 months of activation time. Since I go through about 200 minutes a month the extra ten months of activation time is going to waste. I signed up for "Net 10 Easy Minutes" and bought the $75 1000 minute deal. This only comes with 31 days of activation time. I now have 1100 minutes on my phone and 11 months of activation time. So for the next few months I will only be spending 7.5 cents a minute for my phone. 

As soon as the 1000 minutes showed up on my phone, I canceled my Easy Minute plan because I have a lot of activity time and enough minutes for several months on my phone.

Picture of Net10 LG 200c

This is a picture of my Net10 LG 200c

7.5 Cents a minute Prepaid Net10

Sign up for Easy Minutes from The Net10 Websitefor one month for the $75 1000 minutes. 7.5 cents per Minute. This is the least expensive Prepaid Cell phone minutes you can buy in the United States. Remember you will only get 31 days of activation time with the 1000 minute deal.

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