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Net10 is the same company as Tracfone. The price of service is different. Net10 is a little more expensive to buy the phones and will cost you at least $15 a month to keep your phone active vs $8 a month to keep Tracfone active.

The price of minutes with NET10 is ten cents or less all the time, the price of minutes on Tracfone is from 33 cents down to ten cents a minute depending on if you have a doubler card installed on your phone and the quantity of minutes you buy. Get a Motorola phone + 300 minutes for just $49.99 from . Save $40!

7.5 Cents per NET10 Minute
How to get the lowest prices on NetT10 Minutes.

Compare Tracfone vs Net 10 Prepaid Cell Phones
Compare the advantages of NET10 to the advantages of Tracfone.

Check out the new NET CDMA phones.

NET10 Easy Minutes.
Check out how NET10 Easy minutes can make your cell phone usage easier.

Photo of Lg 200c, Lg 328, and LG cg225

This Picture shows the LG 200c, Lg 3280 and the LG cg 225 Camera phone.

Net 10 LG 200C Cell Phone
Check out the new LG 200c CDMA Net10 phone.

NET10 Phone Cards

Net 10 Prepaid Review

NET10 Verizon Alltel

Check out the Best deals on a new NET10 Phone

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