Will Net10 Start Selling CDMA Cell Phones?

NET10 has only sold GSM phones to this point. All Net 10 phones have used either the Cingular (At&t) or the T-Mobile network as their home network. The New Net10 CDMA Phones has been a great switch for Net10.

Net10 has started selling these phones. It means some of the new Net10 Phones now are going to work on the Verizon and or Alltel networks.

The LG 200C and the Kyocera K126C are both CDMA Cell phones. NET10 Prepaid only sells these phones in the areas of the country where both AT&T and T-Mobile do not work.

My Latest Phone 

I have purchased and am using the new Net10 LG 200c CDMA phone. It activated on the Verizon network. So far in 3 months usage it has worked very well.

This photo shows both the front and back of the LG200c CDMA Tracfone

Photo of the front and back of the LG 200c Net10 and Tracfone CDMA phone.

The New LG 200C Net10 CDMA Phones

The new LG 200C that is offered by Tracfone and NET10 is a nice small flip phone. It does not have the antenna stalk that most of the other folding phones from Net10 have. This is a plus because it fits more comfortably in your pocket. This will be one of the nicest new Net10 phones and definitely the nicest NET10 CDMA phone.

The New Kyocera K126C Net 10 phone is also offered by NET10. This is your basic candybar style CDMA cell phone.

Tracfone Tips Net10 CDMA Phones

NET10 is also offering some New GSM cell phones.

The LG 1500 is a nice new basic NET10 GSM phone. It is a really nice Flip phone. It is not a camera phone. The double color display on this phone is really nice. You can tell who is calling without opening the phone.

The LG GC225 Camera phone is a GSM phone for Net10 also. It is the first Flip phone camera phone available for NET10. The Double display makes this the best Net10 phone available.

The Motorola W375 camera phone is also available.

Check out for the latest phones available from the best deal in Prepaid--Net10.

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