Motorola W375 Menu Keys

The Motorola W375 Menu Keys and how to adjust the Volume on your W375 

The Motorola W375 Menu Keys are simple and easy to use. This phone is currently offered by NET10 as a prepaid phone along with many other GSM cell phone Providers. Net10 offers this phone through their website for $50 to $60 along with 300 minutes and two months of service. This is the best deal in prepaid phones. Get a Motorola phone + 300 minutes for just $49.99. Save $40 at!

Picture of the Motorola W375 Menu Key

The Menu Key is shown here, it is in the center of the round 4-way key.

The Left "Soft Key" and Right "Soft Key" are directly below the screen and they often are used to "SELECT" or "EXIT" or "DELETE." The delete key will take you back just one step at a time for example erasing one digit that you put in per click.

This picture shows the left Soft Key on the Motorola W370

The "Web Browser Key" is on the left of the round 4-way key and has a little picture of a globe.

The "Message Key" is on the right of the round 4-way key and has a little picture of an envelope on it.

The Green Call Button is on the left below the Web Browser key.

The "Red Power/End" key is on the right below the "Message key"

The Left Edge buttons are still exposed while the phone is closed. While the phone is closed these buttons will turn off the ringer if you are getting a call. While the phone is in use these buttons will adjust the volume of the call. While the phone is open but not in use these buttons will adjust the volume of the ringer.

Left Edge Buttons on the Motorola W375

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