Motorola W370 Menu

How to use the Motorola W370 Menu.  A W370 Users Guide. 

The Motorola W370 Menu Users guide and FAQs

How do I turn my Motorola W370 on and off?
Push and hold down the Red End/Power button, to the right and slightly below the round four way button,for four to eight seconds. This is the Start/Stop Menu Key. If you push this button it will end your phone call. It will also stop any function like stopwatch or lantern and take you back to the home menu from anywhere. If your phone is ringing and you push this button it will end the call. The Motorola W370 Menu and Users Guide.

How do I adjust the ringer volume?
Push the lower button on the edge if the keypad to lower the ringer volume. If you want your phone to just vibrate keep clicking the lower button until it shows zero volume and vibrate. One more click to the left will turn off vibrate and your W375 will be silent. The higher button makes the ringer louder. The last position before silent it vibrate.

How do I use the Calculator?
The calculator works really well once you get used to it. Click "Menu" then "Office Tools" select "Calculator". Put the first number in then use the left or right on the 4-way button to get to add, subtract, multiply and click select. Now put the second number in and click select. Your answer is in the window. If you use the top left 'Soft Key" which is "=" then you can start another calculation. This calculator is fast and easy. I like it because it is easy to use one handed.
The Motorola W370 Menu and how to use your new phone.

How do I go back to the original Motorola W370 settings?
Click "Settings" Then "Initial Setup" Then "Master Reset".
"Master Reset" will reset all the settings of your phone to original. It will not erase your pictures or delete your phone book. "1234" is the security code if you have not reset yours. Put this in and you have set the phone back to the original settings. You will not lose your phone book entries with the "Master Reset."

"Master Clear" is right next to "Master Reset" in the menu and will wipe all information you have entered into the phone. "Master Clear" will wipe out your phone book and the pictures you have saved.