Motorola C139 Menu

How to use the Motorola C139 MenuĀ 

Moving around your Motorola C139 Menu

Motorola C139 Menu Button

This picture shows the Moto C139 Menu Button.

The Round 4-way Keys around the menu button are used to move up an down in your menu and the left and right arrow are used to adjust the ringer volume and volume on your phone.

The two buttons above the 4-way keys are your Soft Keys. These perform the function that is shown on the screen directly above them.

The Call Button is the button to the left of the 4-way navigation keys.

Turning on the Motorola C139.

Motorola C139 Start Button

The Motorola C139 Menu Start/End button.

To turn on or shut off your Motorola c139 push and hold the Red button for two seconds. Do the same to turn it off. This is also the end of call key, it will take you back to main menu key from anywhere in the menu.

The Motorola C139 Menu.

If you select one of the main menu item here is a list of the Sub menus under each menu item.

Code Entry Mode, My IMEI, SIM Serial Number , My Tel Number, Airtime Tank Info, Airtime Display, Redeem Airtime,

Create Message, Voicemail, Text Msgs, Info Services, Quick Notes, Outbox, Drafts,
New Entry
Recent Calls
Received Calls, Dialed Calls, Notepad, Call Times,
Spring Ball, Football, Maze,
My Menu
New MyMenu
Ring Styles
Alert, Loud Ring Detail, My tones,
Weekly Calendar
Phone Status, I-Call Setup, Security, Other Settings,
Calculator, Exhchange Rate, Stop Watch, Lantern, Fixed Dial, Service Dial, Wallpaper, Screen Saver,
Quick Dial
Quick Dial 1, Quick Dial 2, Quick Dial 3,

Sim App

The Sub Menus that are important I have highlited also.
Phone Lock, Lock Keypad, Auto Key Lock, Fixed Dial, Call Barring, SIM Pin, New Passwords
"Settings","Other Settings"
Personalize, Initial Setup, Network, Headset,

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